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We are a mixed year 1 and 2 class of busy boys and girls! We will be updating this webpage to keep you posted with our learning! We are looking forward to sharing photographs and information with you so you can see all the wonderful things we are exploring and learning about. 



Meet Our Team

Class Teacher

Class Teacher 1 Mrs Farrington

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant 1 Mrs Ireland

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Support Assistants 1 Mrs Serpa
Support Assistants 2 Mrs Heath
Support Assistants 3 Mrs Koper
Support Assistants 4 Miss Powers

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Things to remember.....



Homework and spellings go home - Friday

Homework due in - Tuesday

Spelling quiz - Thursday

P.E - Thursdays and Fridays (please make sure P.E kits are in school on this day)


Please can you make sure your child's reading books and diaries are in their bag each day.


Please check your child's reading diaries to see what day their books are changed.

Friday 13th July 2018 - This week we have been learning..........


Another brilliant and busy week in 1.2F! We have enjoyed showing off our place value knowledge in our Maths lessons as we ensure we are confident with number for September. We've been exploring under the sea poetry and the children created some excellent poems as a group! They enjoyed performing these poems and recording them on the iPads. Today was World Cup day and despite the rotten weather, the children had a brilliant morning playing football and a super party with yummy food in the afternoon. Thank you so much for your party food contributions. It was wonderful to see the children's enthusiasm this morning as they played well together and showed great sportsmanship! 


We hope you have a lovely weekend and we look forward to our last week as Year 1 and 2 children! 


Mrs Farrington

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Friday 6th July 2018 - This week we have been learning...........


Within Maths, the year 1s have been finding missing numbers within subtraction number sentences. The Year 2s have been revisiting multiplication and division whilst exploring the relationship between the two.  We have been creating story maps and answering questions about our stories in our English lessons. 

Within R.E lessons, we talked about how we are God's treasures and looked at water as one of God's precious treasures. 

We have explored changing materials as part of our Science and demonstrated this using play dough. 

We loved the talent show and we are very proud of our Darcie for making it to the final! We are looking forward the Gala and another sunny weekend! 

Mrs Farrington

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Friday 22nd June 2018 - This week we have been learning.........


What a busy week we have had with all of our trips! 

On Monday, the Y2 children visited Ribby Hall Wild Discovery centre. The children went pond dipping, held a stick insect, lizzard and giant millipede , enjoyed a woodland walk to explore habitats and saw lots of animals! 

On Tuesday, the Y1 children visited Imagine That! (formerly underwater street). They had a very busy day making slime, bath bombs and fridge magnets. There was lots to see and do; construction, role play village and science exploration.  (Pictures of the trips to be on the website very soon!)

Besides the trips, the children have continued with our History topic and wrote a postcard from the past. They have begun their new R.E topic - Treasures. They painted some beautiful pictures of their own treasures. We have continued to write about our Crabby Spit story and the quality of the children's writing really impressed me and Mr Hughes!

Sadly today is Mr Hughes' last day! We had a lovely party for him this afternoon and Matthew played some fantastic songs for us on his guitar! We wish him the best of luck and thank him for all of his hard work these last few months. The children have loved being taught by him. 


Have a wonderful weekend, 

Mrs Farrington and Mr Hughes


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Friday 15th June 2018 - This week we have been learning.....


It's been wonderful to welcome the children back after the half term! We hooked into our Buckets and Spades topic by creating our large scale outdoor collage! Thank you so much for your support with the children's wonderful items they brought in. 

We have started our new book - At the Beach by Rowland Harvey. The children have begun to generate their interest and have been asking and answering questions about the book and it's fantastic and detailed illustrations. 

We have been subtracting in Maths. We've been applying our understanding of place value and the year ones have begun to use jottings of tens and ones in preparation for year 2! The Year 2s had a go with column subtraction in preparation for Year 3. 

We thought about Jesus' rule to love God and one another as we came to the end of our reconciliation topic. We have begun to look at what it was like to visit the seaside in the past and have created some beautiful seaside collages by tearing and creating layers. 

We are looking forward to our school trips next week and prepare to say goodbye to Mr Hughes :(

Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs Farrington and Mr Hughes

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Friday 25th May 2018 - This week we have been learning....


What a busy week! We enjoyed a Design Technology morning in which the children designed and made bunting for the Royal Wedding Party. In the afternoon, the children enjoyed fancy dress, dancing, flag waving and crown wearing! The glorious weather made it a wonderful afternoon for a celebration. 

Sports day was a sunny success and the children enjoyed themselves and fully participated. Thank you for coming along and cheering the children on!

We have been thinking about God's rules and how they help us to look after ourselves and each other. 

The Y1 children have written independent recounts about Sports Day and the Year 2s have showed off their independent writing skills as they wrote a letter from Toad and short narrative about a super hero. 

In Science, we have explored food chains and life processes. 

Please could you remember to bring in a seaside artefact for our large scale collage the first day back! (See homework books.) No spellings have been sent home over the holidays. 


We hope you have a fun filled and sunny half term holiday!


Mrs Farrington and Mr Hughes



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Friday 18th May 2018. This week we have been learning......


The Year 1s have written some fantastic letters to Mrs Holmes. They were telling her all about 'the day the chairs quit' in our class! They were including time words, joining words and some of them even managed to include words like hasn't and won't. 

The Year 2s have also been writing recounts based on The Adventures of Mr Toad. They were including lots of fantastic sentences about Mr Toad's antics. 

Within Maths, we have explored weight and mass. We have been using standard and non-standard units and making comparisons. The Year 2s have been reading scales and developing their problems solving and reasoning skills in relation to this. 

We have begun our new R.E topic exploring rules and we enjoyed writing rules for visiting the Zoo. 

The children enjoyed a mini-beast hunt earlier in the week and they loved getting outside and exploring our mini-beast garden! 

We finished off our Tennis sessions and carried out some online research; finding out lots of facts and information about the planets. 


Have a great weekend, 

Mrs Farrington and Mr Hughes


* Apologies for the Year 2 homework last week. We were unaware there was a timer. We hope you manged to access the other activities. Thank you for the feedback in regards to this. 




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Friday 11th May 2018 - This week we have been learning...


This week, the Year 2s have made us very proud. They have been very resilient and had a fantastic attitude! They’ve worked their socks off. They’ve enjoyed lots of play and treats as a reward for their hard work!

The Year 1s have been working hard to understand time in maths! This a tricky concept and they will benefit from practise of o’clock and half past whenever possible at home! They have begun a new topic in writing and are exploring recounts and letters. They’ve read some letters from some upset crayons based on the book ‘The Day the Crayon’s Quit’.

All the children enjoyed a Pentecost party yesterday to celebrate the end of our topic! It’s been wonderful to see how much the children have learnt about this special celebration.

We enjoyed an art lesson on Monday in which explored texture by creating rubbings of natural objects we found outside.

The children really impressed us with their tennis skills on Tuesday. They were practising their fore hand return as well as developing their throwing and catching skills.

We have practised typing in Computing and used the IPads to access some time games on Purple Mash.


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Farrington & Mr Hughes




Friday 4th May 2018 - This week we have been learning....


We’ve had a wonderful week in school!


The Year 2s have re-visited lots of calculations, reasoning and problem solving within maths such as multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and fractions.


The Year 1s have explored the tricky concept of position and direction. They have been learning and using language such as quarter, half and three-quarter turns. If they could practise this whenever possible at home, as it will consolidate their learning this week.


The Year 2s have begun to focus on the character of Toad from Wind in the Willows. They have used comprehension and listening skills to write a short description of him. There were some fantastic sentences produced.


The Year 1s have written some wonderful stories based on Giraffe’s can’t dance. Me and Mr Hughes were impressed with their use of joining words and sentence structure.


We have been learning about the Ascension and the events of Pentecost day. The children have enjoyed making flame head bands and streamers as they recognised and described what happened on these two special days. We are looking forward to a Pentecost Party to celebrate all we have learnt this week in this topic!


We have been learning about the internet in computing. We have completed an online quiz which helped with our understanding of the different terminology associated with searching the internet. We know about websites, web pages and browsers!


Have a wonderful, long weekend!

Mrs Farrington and Mr Hughes

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Friday 27th April 2018 - This week we have been learning....

The children have had another busy and fantastic week of learning. The Year 2s have begun The Wind in the Willows and thought about the setting. They wrote some fantastic descriptions using their senses.


The Year 1s have been reading Giraffe’s can’t dance and have written some brilliant party invitations! They’ve been thinking about characters’ thoughts and feelings.


The Year 2s have had a jam packed week of Maths! They’ve looked at position and direction; thinking about half, quarter and three quarter turns. They thought about left and right, clockwise and anti-clockwise. This is tricky to remember, so the children would benefit from a little practise at home! We’ve linked this to fractions and telling the time. In addition to this, they have looked at reading scales, paying close attention to the pattern of numbers, and reading scales when numbers are missing. Finally we topped off this busy week with statistics and data handling. The children have interpreted data as well as input data into tally charts, pictograms and block graphs. They have been able to answer questions about the data too.


The Year 1s have explored data handling all week and have created their own block graphs and pictograms. They even had a go with tally charts!


Within R.E the children have been learning about Jesus coming back to life and his promise to send the Holy Spirit. Mr Hughes demonstrated this beautifully with helium balloons.


In Geography, we learnt about the seasons and the differences between them. We talked about how the weather changes through the seasons (tricky to explain with the weather we’ve recently had!) and characteristics of the seasons.


We have enjoyed our Tennis lesson with the sports coach this week and we managed to successfully log in to Purple Mash independently and navigate the website to complete our set tasks.


Have a super weekend and we look forward to another wonderful week!

Mrs Farrington and Mr Hughes

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The Year 1 children are making a block diagram!


Friday 20th April 2018 - This week we have been learning....

I hope everybody had a wonderful Easter break! The children have come back refreshed and soon settled back into school routine. 


The Year 1 children have been measuring capacity this week. They have used non-standard units (cups) and standard units (litres and millilitres). Mr Hughes has been impressed with the skills they have developed. The Year 2s have been telling the time. We revisited o’clock and half past and built on this with quarter to and quarter past. Some children could even tell the time to the five minutes which showed mastery of this concept. The children need to be able to tell the time to the quarter hour for their special quizzes, so if they could practice this at home whenever possible, it will be very beneficial.


In our English lessons, the Year 1s have been introduced to our exciting new book; Rumble in the Jungle! They have bee describing jungle animals and writing sentences using the joining word so. The Year 2s wrote some fantastic and entertaining instructions for washing an animal, based on the book ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’. We will be starting Wind in the Willows next week.


In R.E we have explored passing on messages as part of our Pentecost topic. We have made the most of the wonderful weather we’ve had this week and enjoyed snack time outside as well as an animal and insect hunt outside to compare animals and insects we find in the air, on the ground and up high. We made insects and mini-beast habitats to hook the children into the topic. Finally we have been introduced to Purple Mash in Computing and navigated to and around the website ourselves (this was tricky!).  The children can visit this site at home. The address and log in details are in the front of their homework diary.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Farrington and Mr Hughes

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