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Welcome to Class 2R


This page will be updated during the year to share details of class news, pictures of our learning and useful links. We will also update our class blog so you can read all about our exciting learning opportunities.

We work hard but have lots of fun in Class 2R and look forward to sharing our photographs with you.


Meet our team in class 2R 



Class Teacher: Mrs Rawlinson


Teaching Assistants

Picture 1 Mrs Webster
Picture 2 Mrs Sumner

Our Class governor is Mrs Heather Holden

Important things to know

PE Days Year 2 Homework and spellings Book changing day Homework due back in
Year 2  PE is Tuesdays and Fridays.

New homework and spellings go home each Friday.

Weekly spelling quiz Wednesdays

Home/guided reading daily

Your child will be in a reading group.

They will have their books changed once per week - see front of reading diary for their specific day.

We kindly ask parents to comment in the home reading diary and sign to say that the books have been read.



Homework and spellings are due back in on Tuesdays.

This week we have been learning....



We’ve had a lovely busy week to end the half term. In maths we have still been solving addition and subtraction problems including problems with missing numbers! In Literacy we followed a pattern of adjective, noun, verb to create some stunning autumn poems e.g. spiky hedgehogs hibernating etc. We had a lovely afternoon collecting leaves, acorns, conkers etc for our Autumn crafts and fingerpainted Autumn trees. On Tuesday we followed maps to King George V park and looked at human and geographical features on the way. We enjoyed playing on the playground before returning to school. We have been developing our understanding of Baptism and shared some photographs of our special day when we were baptised and we each acted out a baptism with parents, Godparents, white garment, water, oil and candle. We had fun one afternoon playing old playground games from the past and had a go with a May pole, marbles, ring games, clapping games, pegs and ball and hopscotch. We have been busy entering Christmas card and Bonfire safety competitions and we performed our dance which we had learned in PE to Miss Stokes’ reception class. What a busy week! We need half term to have a rest so have a lovely holiday.

Games from the past

Our walk to King George V park

Our Autumn crafts

This week we have been learning...…



This week we have been working on addition and subtraction facts using numbers bonds to 10, 20 and 100! We have been using addition and subtraction facts to check calculations finding three facts for the price of one!

e.g. if we know that     8 + 2 = 10 then we also know

                        2 + 8 = 10

                        10 – 2 = 8

                        10 – 8 = 2

In English we have loved using exclamation marks for our Wallace and Gromit stories and we had fun changing the room in the house that the robot helps in. We wrote about different things that could go wrong e.g. the shower head squirting water everywhere in the bathroom and had lots of laughs!

In RE we have started out new topic on signs and symbols which will then relate to Baptism. This week we have been looking at signs around us e.g. road and traffic signs and shop signs etc. We also explored symbols showing love e.g. hugs and kisses, rings etc. In art we have collaged some lovely houses and used different pencils and charcoal to sketch our own houses. We have also explored maps again in Geography looking at Digimaps for our local area and drawing our own maps for local, national and international areas. We had our last multi-skills session with the South Ribble coaches and we have continued our dance work.



This week in maths we have been counting in 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s looking at patterns and finding missing numbers. We have had great fun reading ‘Wallace and Gromit and the autochef’ in English and we have worked on identifying, selecting and using verbs effectively. We have also been learning how to use exclamation marks in our writing and in guided reading we have asking and answering questions about non fiction texts.

We have been exploring the Judaism faith in RE this week and we made Challah bread and acted out a Shabbat celebration. We also made Havdalah candles and spice boxes and enjoyed learning lots about this faith. In PE we have worked on our aiming and target skills for passing balls effectively. We have been finding out more about schools in the past in history where Mrs Rawlinson became VERY strict and separated the boys from the girls and sat us in rows.

Making and eating Challah bread and making and smelling spice boxes

Making and eating Challah bread and making and smelling spice boxes 1
Making and eating Challah bread and making and smelling spice boxes 2
Making and eating Challah bread and making and smelling spice boxes 3
Making and eating Challah bread and making and smelling spice boxes 4

Victorian afternoon

Victorian afternoon 1
Victorian afternoon 2
Victorian afternoon 3


This week we have been learning...….


This week we have innovated our own story for ‘The smartest giant in town’. The children had fabulous ideas for different items of clothing e.g. vest, waistcoat, coat, braces, hat, bag etc and used them to help different animals. Some children changed their giant’s name and even changed it to a giantess. We then had lots of fun writing our new version of the story and used finger lights and purple pens to help us edit and improve our work looking for conjunctions, noun phrases and punctuation (full stops, capital letters, commas and question marks).

In maths we have been using a number square and base 10 equipment to help us find 1 and 10 more and less than a given number. We have been ordering numbers from 1 to 100 and we have been using crocodile hands where the crocodile eats the biggest numbers so that we understand and can use the signs < > and =

We have completed our RE topic on Beginnings and had a lovely celebration collective worship outside in the sunshine where we could wonder and marvel about God’s wonderful world. We also enjoyed parents, friends and family joining us for our class collective worship about families.

We have improved our ball skills in PE this week practising throwing and catching tennis balls and we have been developing our dance skills. In history we enjoyed looking through old books and maps about Preston and found many differences in homes and schools in the past. We learned about different sources of information from newspapers, museums and libraries to photographs, word of mouth and the internet.


w/c 17/09/18

This week we have been practising partitioning numbers into tens and ones e.g. 16 = 10 and 6 and partitioning in different ways e.g. 42=40+2 or 30 + 12 or 20 + 22 or 10 + 32. We are encouraging the children to then use what they have learned and apply it to problem solving and reasoning. We have also explored number lines with missing numbers counting in 2’s, 5’s or 10’s and estimating where numbers would go on a number line e.g. 35 would be in between 30 and 40. We then progressed onto representing numbers using place value charts.  In literacy

In English we have been working on questions and writing questions to the giant in ‘The smartest giant in town’. All the children have made question hands which they have brought home to be used with their home reading books. Please use them to ask you children about character’s thoughts and feelings at different parts of the story. Year 2 explores inference and deduction when reading so we need to teach the children to ‘read between the lines’ or use point and evidence with their ‘prove it’ finger to answer questions. We have acted in role as George and imagined what he thinks, says and feels at different parts of the story. We have also been busy using subordination ‘when’ and ‘because’ in our writing.

In RE we have written our own prayers and made a class book of prayers. We enjoyed practising throwing and catching skills with the South Ribble sports coach and we have been exploring different maps in Geography and drawing our own. We have looked at 3D and aerial satellite maps of the local area and identified roads where we live. In history we are also looking at maps comparing Penwortham in the past with Penwortham today.

We are looking forward to our collective worship on Tuesday 25th September 09:00hrs and all parents/grandparents are welcome to join us.


w/c 10/09/18

In maths this week we have been working on place value. We have written numbers using numerals and their names e.g. 38 and thirty eight.  We have also partitioned numbers in to tens and ones e.g. 38 = 30 + 8 using the part whole model. We have used counters, straws, numicon, base 10 equipment and objects to represent numbers in different ways. In literacy we are reading 'The smartest giant in town' and we had fun labelling the giants clothing, writing lists and captions and description of the familiar setting. We have been reading and writing about the story of creation in RE and wondering about the beauty in God's wonderful world. In history we have been thinking of Penwortham and where we live and we have written a letter to an interesting person from the past asking them questions about what houses were like a long time ago. 


w/c  03/09/18

Welcome to class 2R.

What a busy first week we have had getting to know each other. We have made lots of lovely displays for our new classroom all about us. We have had a go a Jiu Jitsu to see if we would like to join the club and we had a very special visit from Paul Cookson, an author. Paul came and joined us in class to write and act out some fabulous poems about Autumn. In literacy we learned about nouns and proper nouns and we know that proper nouns start with a capital letter and include names, places, days of the week and months of the year. We also did some super writing about our holidays and started our new RE topic about new beginnings.