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Welcome to Class 2R


This page will be updated during the year to share details of class news, pictures of our learning and useful links. We will also update our class blog so you can read all about our exciting learning opportunities.

We work hard but have lots of fun in Class 2R and look forward to sharing our photographs with you.


Meet our team in class 2R 



Class Teacher: Mrs Rawlinson


Teaching Assistants

Picture 1 Mrs Webster
Picture 2 Mrs Sumner

Our Class governor is Mrs Heather Holden

Important things to know

PE Days Year 2 Homework and spellings Book changing day Homework due back in
Year 2  PE is Tuesdays and Fridays.

New homework and spellings go home each Friday.

Weekly spelling quiz Wednesdays

Home/guided reading daily

Your child will be in a reading group.

They will have their books changed once per week - see front of reading diary for their specific day.

We kindly ask parents to comment in the home reading diary and sign to say that the books have been read.



Homework and spellings are due back in on Tuesdays.

25th March 2019

What a lovely week.

We have been working on instructions in English. We have learned that they begin with a number (so they are followed in the right order) and need a bossy verb. We have had fun following and writing instructions for making cress heads, planting beans, making paper hats and making jam sandwiches.

In maths we have continued with time and money. Please continue to practise this at home in readiness for our forthcoming quizzes. Please pay special attention to adding coins together to make an amount and then counting up to give change. Please use clocks with the children consolidating the long minute hand and the short hour hand working on o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. (We have used the term tepee TP in class to label the clocks for To and Past)

We had fun testing out our vehicles on the playground and then evaluating our designs and making changes.

We enjoyed learning more about the Easter story and acted out Maundy Thursday where Jesus washed the disciples feet and Good Friday where the soldiers were mean to Jesus and crucified him. Our collective worship theme has been thanksgiving (Mothers Day) so I hope you’ve noticed the children saying thank you and doing things for you!

In art we have been printing and painting flowers and in DT we have been designing, cutting and making fruit kebabs. We have enjoyed some outdoor games in the sunshine and chose some lovely presents at the Mother’s Day event.

Have a very special ‘Mother’s Day’ weekend.

Following instructions to make paper hats

Testing and evaluating our vehicles

Acting out Jesus washing the disciples feet at the Last Supper

Mocking Jesus and hitting him with a stick on Good Friday

Mocking Jesus and hitting him with a stick on Good Friday 1
Mocking Jesus and hitting him with a stick on Good Friday 2
Mocking Jesus and hitting him with a stick on Good Friday 3

w/c 18th March 2019

We’ve worked hard this week on more reading comprehension quizes. Whilst the children are becoming fluent readers many of them still struggle independently with inference and deduction questions. When reading at home please keep asking lots of questions and ask them to ‘prove it’ with their ‘prove it’ finger using point and evidence.

We have written some fantastic final pieces of our version of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ where many children have chosen to change the characters and setting with good entertaining effect!

In maths we have continued working on either money or time and will now swap over next week. Please keep practising telling the time at home to o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to the hour. Some children are still very hesitant counting money and have struggled this week giving change where we count on to the given amount.

We have enjoyed learning about Ash Wednesday and work by CAFOD using Lent as an opportunity to do good. The children particularly liked acting out the events of Palm Sunday with a donkey, palm leaves and coats outside!

We have been progressing our outdoor fielding and batting skills along with throwing and catching and we have been developing our gymnastic skills for travel, roll and jump sequences indoors.

Today has been busy and entertaining with the ‘Danceathon’ where the children sprang into dance when the bell rang. It kept us all on our toes! We have moved many of the caterpillars now in their cocoons to the butterfly net and we’ll be keeping an eye out for the magical moment of emergence to butterfly. We’ve also been reviewing our beans which are sprouting very well.

Have a lovely weekend. I hope the warmer weather lasts.

Danceathon, Caterpillars in cocoons and bean sprouting!

Danceathon, Caterpillars in cocoons and bean sprouting! 1
Danceathon, Caterpillars in cocoons and bean sprouting! 2
Danceathon, Caterpillars in cocoons and bean sprouting! 3
Danceathon, Caterpillars in cocoons and bean sprouting! 4
Danceathon, Caterpillars in cocoons and bean sprouting! 5

w/c 11th March 2019

What another busy week, the children must be exhausted!

We started the week with a lovely class photograph (or at least I hope it will be lovely!)

We’ve started our new RE topic on ‘opportunities’ so I trust you’ve noticed the children making the most of opportunities for good by offering to wash up or tidy their room! We are working on making the right choices at home and school.

In maths some children have been working on telling the time to half past and quarter past and to the hour. Other children have been working with money matching amounts and using different combinations of coins to make amounts. We will continue this in more depth next week then the children will swap over activities. Please practise and talk to the children about these topics at home. Let them tell you the time and count out your money!

In English we have continued our work on ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ writing letters and preparing story maps for our big write next week. We have done lots of reading activities in class and a reading ‘quiz’ so apologies if all the children have not had a response on their guided reading in the diary but we have all been working hard!

We had a very uplifting spirituality day on Wednesday for both staff and children alike. It was based on the theme of our mission statement ‘Christ be in our heads, in our hearts and in our hands’. I was so proud of their sensible behaviour and the respect that was shown at each prayer station activity in the morning. We have also enjoyed some meditation which the children have requested on a daily basis, to just be still in body and mind for 30 seconds. They are amazing! We created some beautiful crafts in the afternoon.

In science we have been observing trees and making some observational drawings and labelling of trees and leaves using magnifying glasses. We have also measured the girth of different tree trunks and the length and width of different leaves. We enjoyed planting a bean and look forward to watching it grow over the next few weeks. Our caterpillars in class are growing very quickly!

We’ve managed to fit in outdoor games and enjoyed burning off some energy after a busy week.

Have a lovely restful weekend

w/c 4th March 2019

Wow, we need the weekend to recover from this busy week; I hardly know where to begin!

We had a lovely start to the week with 2R attending Mass on Monday morning. (Thank you again to parents who could help by walking with us). I was so proud of their behaviour in church, answering questions and reading so well. We completed our topic on Thanksgiving this week and the children planned a beautiful celebration collective worship. We enjoyed sharing bread like Jesus did at The Last Supper with his friends and remembered many other lovely parts from our topic.

We have done some great literacy work on ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ using inverted commas (speech marks) and writing a vivid character description using adjectives and similes.

As promised our maths activities swapped over this week. We had fun with practical maths where some children were measuring weight/mass using grams and kilograms while other children were measuring capacity using litres and millilitres. All children were reading scales so please practise this at home by reading labelling on packages to recognise g, kg, ml, l and look at different scales e.g. circular, vertical, horizontal etc.

We polished our halo’s on Wednesday with another visit to church for Ash Wednesday. Thursday was incredibly busy but enjoyable with World Book Day combined with an early British Science week! The children looked amazing in their costumes. We loved our experiments linked to George’s Marvellous Medicine and made our own version for 2R’s marvellous medicine along with many other science and craft based activities.

Thank you for the many boxes which allowed us to design and make our moving vehicles today. We used wheels and axels and learned about different joining techniques for our constructions.

Check out the super photos from this week and have a lovely weekend.

p.s. don’t forget class photo on Monday

Our clelebration collective worship

w/c 25/02/19

I hope you all had a lovely half term.

We have come back to school raring to go with new topics and started our Spring 2 theme for Growth and Green Fingers. This week we have reviewed work from before the holidays on our maths and reading quizzes. We have continued to work on The Eucharist and thanksgiving and enjoyed a visit from Mrs Pennington telling us about her job as a Eucharistic Minister at church giving out Holy Communion. We have enjoyed starting our work on classic or traditional tales and will be working on Jack and the Beanstalk. We’ve had fun in practical maths with some children working on measuring mass using scales and others measuring capacity using measuring jugs. Next week we will swap over! As scientists we have been busy labelling plants and also writing about their functions. PE has been linked to fundamental skills of movement and Jack and the Beanstalk but despite the lovely start to the week we were rained off yesterday for outdoor games.

Have a lovely weekend and feel welcome to join us on Monday 09:15hrs at St Teresa’s Church where class 2R will be attending Mass.

Measuring mass and capacity

Mrs Pennington's visit to class and acting out receiving Holy Communion

Gymnastics competition Feb 2019

Gymnastics competition Feb 2019 1
Gymnastics competition Feb 2019 2
Gymnastics competition Feb 2019 3
Gymnastics competition Feb 2019 4
Gymnastics competition Feb 2019 5
Gymnastics competition Feb 2019 6

15th February 2019

What have we been learning this week?

What a busy end to our half term! The children across the infant department have been working their socks off! We have come to the end of our Explorers topics and we have discovered a great deal about the famous explorer – Christopher Columbus.

We have started to use Seesaw and we hope the parents have been enjoying receiving updates on what the children have been learning in school.

Have a wonderful half term everyone!

Infant Team.

w/c 04/02/19

This week we’ve been exploring measures in maths and using cm and m rulers. We’ve been deciding which unit of measure would be best to measure different classroom items and we know to start measuring with the ruler from 0. We’ve also used our rulers to measure the length of lines and then used rulers to draw our own lines to a given length.

In English we have continued learning about Christopher Columbus and some of us have been comparing him with Neil Armstrong and learning about Captain Robert Falcon Scott, better known as Scott of the Antarctic.

We have started out new RE topic on Thanksgiving linked to the Eucharist so we have been sharing experiences of giving and receiving thanks and made cards for each other. Fr Roy also called in to look at the wonderful work the children have done since their visit to Church. We have enjoyed our collective worship theme to celebrate Candlemas and hope the children can go home and shine like Jesus!

We enjoyed our carousel of activities on Tuesday for safer internet day and learned about consent and keeping information private. The children know to ask a grown up for help if they are unsure about any pop up on line..

We managed some outdoor games this week despite the rain and enjoyed learning and using some batting and fielding techniques.

It was lovely to see all the parents this week and celebrate the hard work of ALL the children.

Thank you and have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Rawlinson

Fr Roy looking at our work

w/c 01/02/19

This week we’ve been finishing topics off and starting new ones in class.

In maths we have continued with our work on fractions consolidating finding halves and quarters of numbers and making sure that they are equal. Many children have been introduced to finding thirds and we are proud of so many who have mastered finding two thirds and three quarters of given numbers and shapes!!

We have started more work this week on explorers for our non-chronological reports. We have been finding out more about Christopher Columbus and his conditions on board the Santa Maria and enjoyed acting out in role on ship and writing a message in a bottle. Some of us have also been finding out about another explorer, Neil Armstrong and how he won the race to space to become the first man to walk on the moon.

We have now finished our RE topic on books and it’s heart warming to see how much the children have learned in our recent assessment. We had a special celebration collective worship which the children planned and finished with a biscuit and a haribo!

Unfortunately, due to the snowy weather we have not been able to do outdoor games but we are enjoying our dance theme on explorers indoors.

Have a lovely weekend!

Our celebration collective worship

w/c 21/01/19

Another busy week with the children eager to enjoy the snow and ice!

We have been working on fractions in maths finding halves and quarters of shapes, objects and numbers. The children need to know that fractions must be EQUAL parts.

We have enjoyed a poetry week in literacy following different models for adjectives verbs and abverbs, 4 line rhyming verses and acrostic poems all with a sea theme for explorers. Check out our work on the display board at parents evening.

We had fun finding out about Christopher Columbus in history/geography and writing about his voyages and finding the New World.

We loved our visit to church to find out more about the different books used there which we have been learning about in class. Fr Roy helped us with a Gospel procession where two children walked with him to the lectern holding the candles. We learned about different responses we say when listening to the Gospel. He also showed us the thurible which he swings as a sign of honour and prayer and we experienced the sweet smell of burning incense which some of us didn’t like! We enjoyed role playing this back in school and looking at and labelling the pictures we took with the new names we learned e.g. lectern, thurible, incense. 

Our photographs from church

w/c 14/01/19

What a lovely busy week!

In maths we have had fun exploring 3D shapes with lots of practical work making our own 3D shape skeletons with magnets, cocktail stick and marshmallows, art straws and blutack and plastic construction. We are now able to correctly name faces, edges and vertices.

In literacy we have been reading ‘Escape in Egypt’ making predictions about the story and writing about our spookiest and favourite parts. We’ve also been using dictionaries to look up unfamiliar words and we've been using apostrophes.

We have been finding out about different explorers in our creative topic and looking at items they would need e.g. compass, magnifying glass, torch, binoculars. We have talked about Scott of the Antarctica, Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus and combined this with out PE topic.

In RE we have continued to explore books and read the Bible story of The Good Samaritan. We have also learned about the four Gospel writers; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

We have been orally retelling stories in our guided reading activities and making story maps to match what we have read making sure the events are in the right order.

Exploring, naming the properties and making 3D shapes

w/c 07/01/19

Happy New Year!

After one busy week back it feels like Christmas was a long time ago!

In Maths we have been exploring 2D shapes; counting the number of sides and vertices and naming each shape. Please practise the names of shapes at home especially pentagon (5 sides), hexagon (6 sides) and octagon (8 sides). We have then looked at lines of symmetry on the shapes and used mirrors and folding techniques to check. We had fun testing if shapes had right angles with our right angle monsters.

In English we have introduced our Explorers topic and enjoyed doing an assessed write on a video of ‘Taking flight’ recounting how a boy and his grandad used a go-kart and imagined they were in the jungle, then aliens and spacemen. We looked at the book ‘You choose’ and the children wrote about where they would like to explore, how they would get there, what they would wear etc

We have started our new RE topic on ‘Books’ and we’ve explored the many books around us at home and at school. We visited the library in groups to look at how the books are sorted and labelled and we imagined what it would be like in a world without books.

In guided reading we have been focusing on suffixes e.g. –ment, -ful, -ness, -less, -ly etc

We have braved the weather for outdoor games and we are doing PE linked to our Explorers topic.


Exploring 2D maths

Our visit to the library to explore books


We had a wonderful start to the week watching the reception dress rehearsal of the nativity. We then enjoyed our Victorian Christmas trip to Turton Tower. We saw Father Christmas and learned about Christmas stockings and toys from the past. We found out about Christmas traditions and ingredients for Christmas puddings and made a wish as we stirred. We made pot pourri and a Victorian cornucopia decoration which we brought home. We also played some old ring games. In literacy we have created some Christmas poems following a pattern and focusing on plurals. We have continued with division in maths, sharing and grouping and exploring remainders. We have also made links with multiplication facts. We have done some maths and reading assessments this week to see how well the children are progressing. We have continued with the nativity story in RE and gymnastics in PE. We have been learning some facts about Africa in Geography and using Purple Mash in Computing. Another busy week! Have a lovely weekend preparing together for Christmas.


We came in to school on Monday morning to find that the elves had decorated school with all our Christmas decorations which look beautiful! We have been preparing and getting ready for Jesus’ birth in RE and writing about how we can be more like Jesus as a strong friend and bringer of Peace and made lanterns to show that he is the light of the world. We have also learned about the Annunciation when the angel Gabriel told Mary that she was going to have a baby and we made angels for our Christmas trees at home. In maths we have been working on division, sharing and grouping items and looking at odd and even numbers. We have written our own information books about arctic animals in literacy and a non chronological report about different types of animals. In Geography we have looked at climates around the world and sorted animals into hot and cold places. We have enjoyed sketching and drawing penguins in art using different pencils and chalks. We loved performing our ‘Christmas spectacular’ for friends and family and hope you did too! What a busy week, we’re looking forward to weekend now! Enjoy.


In maths this week we have been reading and drawing arrays for given multiplication sentences e.g. 3 x 2 = and 2 x 3 =

We have played lots of games to become more fluent with the multiplication and division facts for the 2’s, 3’s. 5’s and 10 times tables. We have set up a year 2 battle for boys v girls to act as an incentive to learn rapid recall of the facts. We encourage you to access this at home on TT Rockstars. The login details are in the front of the homework books.

In literacy we have been learning about the details of non- chronological reports. We know they need a heading, sub-heading, paragraph, labels, pictures, captions and ‘Did you know?’ interesting facts. We have cut up and ordered reports about animals identifying these features and researched our own report about animals which links to our homework this weekend. Our guided reading has helped to consolidate this knowledge exploring non-fiction texts.

In RE we have learned about the advent wreath. We now know why it is a circle, why it is green and what the candles represent. We have been preparing for our Christmas spectacular and making decorations for the corridor. We’ve enjoyed writing and sharing our experience of the travelling crib and we’re looking forward to opening our advent calendars!

Have a lovely weekend.

Working with arrays

Working with arrays 1
Working with arrays 2
Working with arrays 3
Working with arrays 4

Preparing for Christmas

Preparing for Christmas 1
Preparing for Christmas 2
Preparing for Christmas 3
Preparing for Christmas 4
Preparing for Christmas 5
Preparing for Christmas 6

Looking at and sorting the features of non-chronological reports

Looking at and sorting the features of non-chronological reports 1
Looking at and sorting the features of non-chronological reports 2
Looking at and sorting the features of non-chronological reports 3


In maths this week we have been recognising equal and unequal groups and making equal groups. We have then used repeated addition to add the equal groups together.

We have accessed literacy through cross curricular activities this week. We have focused on science classifying animals into fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals. We have then categorised animals into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. The children have loved looking through non fiction books to find facts and learn what characteristics make a bird a bird etc. This has been a means of gathering information in order to learn about non-chronological reports in literacy next week and write our own reports about types of animals, how they move and what they eat etc. We have also had fun practising for our Christmas spectacular which is coming along very well. We have started our new RE topic about Advent; preparing and waiting for Christmas.


This week we have enjoyed sequencing the story of ‘Lost and Found’ and making a story map so we know it really well. Then we enjoyed changing the story and making our own new version with a different animal and setting. In maths we have been applying what we learned in addition and subtraction to word problems using reasoning and problem solving and we have been adding three one digit numbers. We loved coming into school in our odd socks and listened to songs and stories about them. We talked about respect, being different and being kind to our friends. We have enjoyed learning about the Islam faith and Mrs Hussain came in and showed us prayer mats and beads. We had chance to dress up in lots of Muslim clothing and looked at the special Qur'an. Mariya also helped us to understand her religion a little better and we acted out some of their prayers and designed our own prayer mat. We’ve learned different ways of travelling in gymnastics and have used dribbling skills in our games session. We are continuing to learn our Christmas songs.

Picture 1 Odd sock day, rap and colouring
Picture 2 Odd sock day, rap and colouring
Picture 3 Odd sock day, rap and colouring
Picture 4 Odd sock day, rap and colouring

Homework - Subtraction - Picture method

This maths video shows how we teach subtraction using the picture method in Key Stage 1 using the jotting method. Please note the video refers to 'units' but we call them 'ones'.

This week we have been learning,,,,



This week we enjoyed exploring an old suitcase, a rubber duck, a torch, a map of the arctic, a flask, a sandwich and lots of fish. These were to help us predict what our new story ‘Lost and Found’ might be about. We enjoyed making predictions, asking questions, looking at characters and describing pictures before finally reading the story. In maths we have continued with subtraction; 2 digits take away 1 digit numbers and 2 digits take away 2 digit numbers (both crossing 10 and not crossing 10). In guided reading we have been looking for suffixes which we have been using in our writing eg. –ed, -ing, -er, -ful, -less. In RE we have been busy finishing our topic on Baptism and practising for our assembly which we hope you enjoyed this morning. Our Collective Worship theme this week has been Remembrance and we enjoyed making our poppies and think they look great on the school railings. We have started out new creative topic on Penguins, Possums and Pigs and in science we have been exploring which animals lay eggs. In Geography we have been naming and finding the seven continents and five oceans. What another busy week!

This week we have been learning....



This week we have had a lovely refreshing start to our half term. We have enjoyed reading and watching Oliver Jeffers ‘The way back home’ and had super experiences imagining we were in space and making predictions about the story. In maths we have been adding two digit and one digit numbers (crossing 10) and also adding two digit and two digit numbers (not crossing 10). We have used jottings to help out calculations. We have been doing lots of work on Baptism in readiness for our class assembly next Friday (we hope you can join us!) and we’ve been exploring Harvest in our Collective Worships. We braved the cold and played some invasion games in our outdoor games session and we will be working on 'My Personal Best' empathy skills this half term. We enjoyed talking and writing about our Halloween evening and in guided reading we have been giving our own opinions about the books we have read. What a busy first week back!



We’ve had a lovely busy week to end the half term. In maths we have still been solving addition and subtraction problems including problems with missing numbers! In Literacy we followed a pattern of adjective, noun, verb to create some stunning autumn poems e.g. spiky hedgehogs hibernating etc. We had a lovely afternoon collecting leaves, acorns, conkers etc for our Autumn crafts and fingerpainted Autumn trees. On Tuesday we followed maps to King George V park and looked at human and geographical features on the way. We enjoyed playing on the playground before returning to school. We have been developing our understanding of Baptism and shared some photographs of our special day when we were baptised and we each acted out a baptism with parents, Godparents, white garment, water, oil and candle. We had fun one afternoon playing old playground games from the past and had a go with a May pole, marbles, ring games, clapping games, pegs and ball and hopscotch. We have been busy entering Christmas card and Bonfire safety competitions and we performed our dance which we had learned in PE to Miss Stokes’ reception class. What a busy week! We need half term to have a rest so have a lovely holiday.

Games from the past

Our walk to King George V park

Our Autumn crafts

This week we have been learning...…



This week we have been working on addition and subtraction facts using numbers bonds to 10, 20 and 100! We have been using addition and subtraction facts to check calculations finding three facts for the price of one!

e.g. if we know that     8 + 2 = 10 then we also know

                        2 + 8 = 10

                        10 – 2 = 8

                        10 – 8 = 2

In English we have loved using exclamation marks for our Wallace and Gromit stories and we had fun changing the room in the house that the robot helps in. We wrote about different things that could go wrong e.g. the shower head squirting water everywhere in the bathroom and had lots of laughs!

In RE we have started out new topic on signs and symbols which will then relate to Baptism. This week we have been looking at signs around us e.g. road and traffic signs and shop signs etc. We also explored symbols showing love e.g. hugs and kisses, rings etc. In art we have collaged some lovely houses and used different pencils and charcoal to sketch our own houses. We have also explored maps again in Geography looking at Digimaps for our local area and drawing our own maps for local, national and international areas. We had our last multi-skills session with the South Ribble coaches and we have continued our dance work.



This week in maths we have been counting in 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s looking at patterns and finding missing numbers. We have had great fun reading ‘Wallace and Gromit and the autochef’ in English and we have worked on identifying, selecting and using verbs effectively. We have also been learning how to use exclamation marks in our writing and in guided reading we have asking and answering questions about non fiction texts.

We have been exploring the Judaism faith in RE this week and we made Challah bread and acted out a Shabbat celebration. We also made Havdalah candles and spice boxes and enjoyed learning lots about this faith. In PE we have worked on our aiming and target skills for passing balls effectively. We have been finding out more about schools in the past in history where Mrs Rawlinson became VERY strict and separated the boys from the girls and sat us in rows.

Making and eating Challah bread and making and smelling spice boxes

Making and eating Challah bread and making and smelling spice boxes 1
Making and eating Challah bread and making and smelling spice boxes 2
Making and eating Challah bread and making and smelling spice boxes 3
Making and eating Challah bread and making and smelling spice boxes 4

Victorian afternoon

Victorian afternoon 1
Victorian afternoon 2
Victorian afternoon 3


This week we have been learning...….


This week we have innovated our own story for ‘The smartest giant in town’. The children had fabulous ideas for different items of clothing e.g. vest, waistcoat, coat, braces, hat, bag etc and used them to help different animals. Some children changed their giant’s name and even changed it to a giantess. We then had lots of fun writing our new version of the story and used finger lights and purple pens to help us edit and improve our work looking for conjunctions, noun phrases and punctuation (full stops, capital letters, commas and question marks).

In maths we have been using a number square and base 10 equipment to help us find 1 and 10 more and less than a given number. We have been ordering numbers from 1 to 100 and we have been using crocodile hands where the crocodile eats the biggest numbers so that we understand and can use the signs < > and =

We have completed our RE topic on Beginnings and had a lovely celebration collective worship outside in the sunshine where we could wonder and marvel about God’s wonderful world. We also enjoyed parents, friends and family joining us for our class collective worship about families.

We have improved our ball skills in PE this week practising throwing and catching tennis balls and we have been developing our dance skills. In history we enjoyed looking through old books and maps about Preston and found many differences in homes and schools in the past. We learned about different sources of information from newspapers, museums and libraries to photographs, word of mouth and the internet.


w/c 17/09/18

This week we have been practising partitioning numbers into tens and ones e.g. 16 = 10 and 6 and partitioning in different ways e.g. 42=40+2 or 30 + 12 or 20 + 22 or 10 + 32. We are encouraging the children to then use what they have learned and apply it to problem solving and reasoning. We have also explored number lines with missing numbers counting in 2’s, 5’s or 10’s and estimating where numbers would go on a number line e.g. 35 would be in between 30 and 40. We then progressed onto representing numbers using place value charts.  In literacy

In English we have been working on questions and writing questions to the giant in ‘The smartest giant in town’. All the children have made question hands which they have brought home to be used with their home reading books. Please use them to ask you children about character’s thoughts and feelings at different parts of the story. Year 2 explores inference and deduction when reading so we need to teach the children to ‘read between the lines’ or use point and evidence with their ‘prove it’ finger to answer questions. We have acted in role as George and imagined what he thinks, says and feels at different parts of the story. We have also been busy using subordination ‘when’ and ‘because’ in our writing.

In RE we have written our own prayers and made a class book of prayers. We enjoyed practising throwing and catching skills with the South Ribble sports coach and we have been exploring different maps in Geography and drawing our own. We have looked at 3D and aerial satellite maps of the local area and identified roads where we live. In history we are also looking at maps comparing Penwortham in the past with Penwortham today.

We are looking forward to our collective worship on Tuesday 25th September 09:00hrs and all parents/grandparents are welcome to join us.


w/c 10/09/18

In maths this week we have been working on place value. We have written numbers using numerals and their names e.g. 38 and thirty eight.  We have also partitioned numbers in to tens and ones e.g. 38 = 30 + 8 using the part whole model. We have used counters, straws, numicon, base 10 equipment and objects to represent numbers in different ways. In literacy we are reading 'The smartest giant in town' and we had fun labelling the giants clothing, writing lists and captions and description of the familiar setting. We have been reading and writing about the story of creation in RE and wondering about the beauty in God's wonderful world. In history we have been thinking of Penwortham and where we live and we have written a letter to an interesting person from the past asking them questions about what houses were like a long time ago. 


w/c  03/09/18

Welcome to class 2R.

What a busy first week we have had getting to know each other. We have made lots of lovely displays for our new classroom all about us. We have had a go a Jiu Jitsu to see if we would like to join the club and we had a very special visit from Paul Cookson, an author. Paul came and joined us in class to write and act out some fabulous poems about Autumn. In literacy we learned about nouns and proper nouns and we know that proper nouns start with a capital letter and include names, places, days of the week and months of the year. We also did some super writing about our holidays and started our new RE topic about new beginnings.