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Welcome to Class 2R


This page will be updated during the year to share details of class news, pictures of our learning and useful links. We will also update our class blog so you can read all about our exciting learning opportunities.

We work hard but have lots of fun in Class 2R and look forward to sharing our photographs with you.


Meet our team in class 2R 



Class Teacher: Mrs Rawlinson


Teaching Assistants

Picture 1 Mrs Koper
Picture 2 Mrs Serpa
Picture 3 Miss Smith
Picture 4 Mrs Webster
Our Class Governor is Keith Pearson. 
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Important things to know

PE Days Year 2 Homework and spellings Book changing day Homework due back in
Year 2  PE is Tuesdays and Fridays.

New homework and spellings go home each Friday.

Weekly spelling quiz Thursdays

Home/guided reading daily

Your child will be in a reading group.

They will have their books changed once per week - see front of reading diary for their specific day.

We kindly ask parents to comment in the home reading dairy and sign to say that the books have been read.



Homework and spellings are due back in on Tuesdays.


This week we have been learning......



w/e 13/07/18

In maths this week we consolidated the 3 for 1 fact with addition and subtraction using the 3 magic numbers so if 6+4=10 then 4+6=10, 10-6=4 and 10-4=6 We then used this knowledge to find missing numbers in sentences. In Literacy we had fun learning, reciting and performing poems to our friends all based on a seaside theme. We also explored how different voices affected the poem. We then followed a pattern to make our own seaside poem using verbs and adverbs. We have continued our RE work on God’s wonderful world and discussed how water is precious. We have appreciated it more because of the recent hot weather and drought and we talked about children in other countries who have to walk miles for water. We have had another transition lunch with the juniors, enjoyed watching the KS2 music performance and loved our themed ‘World Cup’ day.


w/e 06/07/18

We had a lovely start to the week on Monday watching the year 6 performance of Aladdin which was fantastic and inspired the year 2’s for when it’s their turn! We have all been focussing on reading aloud with intonation and expression this week in guided reading using punctuation to help us. We have completed our stories of our own version of ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ which were amazing using lots of new vocabulary. In maths we have been consolidating the relationship between multiplication and division and finding 3 FREE facts if we know one fact!

e.g. If we know 5 x 2 = 10 then we can use the 3 magic numbers and also know that….

2 x 5 = 10

10 ÷ 2 = 5

10 ÷ 5 = 2

We’ve also had a go at grid method multiplication.

In RE we have been learning more about the treasures in God’s world and in science we have been exploring materials and using the vocabulary of bend, stretch, pull, twist etc. We made different animals out of playdough and considered what it would be like if a towel was rigid or a spade was bendy! We also had the Y2 fire safety visit helping us to make a fire safety plan at home and learning what to do if there was a fire. We had lots of chance to role play these scenarios. We ended the week watching our fantastic St Teresa’s talent show. Well done everyone!


w/e 29th June 2018

This week we have been exploring capacity in maths. We had lots of fun outside on Monday mixing magic invisibility and flying potions, carefully reading different scales to get the recipe correct. We have been working on apostrophe for contraction and possession in English in the context of ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. We have also been inventors, thinking of ways to stop the pesky seagulls from stealing Mr. Grinling’s lunch! In RE we have been talking about our treasures and why they are special and we have been looking at the awe and wonder in God’s world. We have been exploring the difference of treasuring or looking after God’s world and ways that we harm God’s world. In Science we have been sorting and classifying materials into natural and man-made and looking at whether they come from plants, animals or the ground. We have also been discussing inspirational people and discussing qualities they have which we might like to copy.


w/e 22nd June 2018

We enjoyed our trip to Ribby Hall discovery centre on Monday. We went on a nature trail, learned about different animals in the zoo, handled some animals in the exotic zoo and did some pond dipping. (Take a look at our photographs.) On Tuesday we drew and labelled some of the animals we saw and wrote a recount of our day. Because of the various trips this week we have not had formal guided reading but we have continued to read ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. We used dictionaries to look up the meaning of new words e.g. industrious, concocted, tended etc. In maths we have been recapping the properties of 3D shapes and enjoyed using a right angled monster to help us find and identify right angles. We also had fun making symmetry pictures and using mirrors to check our work. We have started our new RE topic on treasures and each made a treasure chest to take home. In science we have been exploring the properties of different materials and discussing why they are suitable for the purpose they have.


w/e 15th June 2018

We’ve had a busy start back to our new term! We enjoyed making a large scale collage on the playground using the seaside objects which the children brought in from home for their homework. The items are now displayed in the corridor for all visitors to enjoy. We have started our story for ‘The Lighthouse keeper’s lunch’ and did some lovely descriptive writing of picnics, a seaside setting and Mr Grinling. We have been improving our skills for addition and subtraction and even had a go at some column addition. In RE we have been completing our topic on rules, talking about being sorry and forgiving others. We have role played the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the sign of peace which we give each other at Mass. On Tuesday we enjoyed ‘Dance from the Heart’ which we have been practising and the whole school performed the dance on the playground. There was also a display of circus acts from ‘The Greatest Showman’ showing off their juggling skills and riding on a unicycle! We have also been looking at seaside holidays in the past compared with holidays now and we explored different forms of transport, food, souvenirs, activities and clothes.