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Class 4H

Class 4H Mr Hughes


Welcome to Class 4H


Over the year, we will be adding updates, blogs, photos of our learning and important information. 

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team 1 Mr Hughes (Class Teacher)
Meet Our Team 2 Mrs Richardson (Teaching Assistant)
Meet Our Team 3 Mrs Maitland (Teaching Assistant)

Our class governor is 

Mr Paul Hood

My Personal Best

The My Personal Best skill for this half term is 'Resilience'. We are focusing on learning to build up our resilience when faced with challenges. We will be thinking about this in our PE lessons and across everything we do in and out of school!

Week Commencing 14th January 2019

This week we have been learning...


Wow! What an unbelievable week we have had! 


Our English topic is Fables for this half term and the children have been planning their own fable. Some of their ideas and vocabulary have been incredible and I can't wait to read them next week. 


Maths has been lots of fun this week. We have been looking at grid method for multiplication and on Wednesday we had lots of very challenging questions. We tried to work the calculations out individually and then worked as a group to discuss different methods and find which way was the most efficient. 


TT Rockstars helps massively with all of our mathematics and it would be great if all of the children could go on this each week. There is a class battle in play at the moment and it is very close. 


Swimming this week was excellent. The children were in their groups and were doing lots of different tasks and drills. They all worked so hard and this is a skill that will be extremely useful for them throughout life. 


Enjoy your weekend, 

Mr Hughes

Week Commencing 7th January 2019

This week we have been learning...


What an amazing start to 2019! We have had such a busy week and been learning lots of different things. 


In Maths we have been looking at multiplication. We started with the 11 and 12 times tables and have moved on to multiplying 3 numbers together and factors. The work the children have been doing on TT Rockstars has really helped them with this, keep it up! 


Fables have been the focus of our English lessons this week. We have been looking at lots of different fables and reading them to discover the moral of the story. Later in the week, we wrote character profiles using some fantastic vocabulary. 


Our topic for Science and Creative is Healthy Humans. We have been looking at which foods we should eat in moderation and which foods we can eat plenty of. 


Enjoy your weekend, 

Mr Hughes

Things to remember:

  • Outdoor P.E kits - Tuesday    

  • Indoor P.E kits - Wednesday                                                                     

  • Try to keep PE kits in school at all times 

  • Spellings will be tested and given out every Friday                     

  • Homework will be given out every Friday and is on due on the following Tuesday                           

  • Keep reading at home, every night                                                    

  • Learn times tables as much as possible, remember to access TT Rockstars!