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     Welcome to Class RS

We have so much fun in Reception and we really enjoy our learning. We look forward to sharing our work with you on these pages.


Meet the Team

Picture 1 Class Teacher: Miss. Stokes
Picture 2 Teaching Assistant: Miss. Parkinson

Our Class Governor is Mr Gaughan



Useful Information

PE Day- PE is on Monday morning for the first term. Please make sure all PE kits and uniform are clearly marked.


Sound Books-  We will put 4 new sounds in sound books each week. Please keep practising your sounds! Keep the sounds short and quick.

14th September

What a wonderful start the children have made in Reception!

On Friday it was lovely to see how confident they have become in such a short time. Over the first few weeks we have been learning to use all the different areas of the classroom and we have been able to give out lots of ‘Curious Cat’ badges to children who have been keen to try out new activities. At the start of the week we went to visit Mrs Bull and Mrs Pennington in the school office to learn about the work they do and then use these experiences when playing in our role play ‘Office’. All the children really enjoyed PE and although it was a little bit tricky getting changed into PE kits, I think they would like to do PE everyday!



21st September

We started the week with a session from the South Ribble PE coaches, working on the Fundamental PE skills of - running, side stepping and skipping and these sessions will continue each Monday for this term. We have had great fun with art work this week, creating hand prints and using cotton buds to paint patterns on porridge bowls. We have been practising different types of marks such as the 'soldier mark' and the rainbow mark' and some of us have been learning how to do St Teresa's fancy writing forming s, a, t and p correctly. The children have brought home 'Sound Books' and 'word blending lists' as their first homework so please spend some time practising these at home.



28th September

The story of 'The Three Little Pigs' has been our theme for this week. Our Literacy work has focused on acting out and retelling the story using lots of story language and the children have loved using masks and puppets to help get into character. Our phonic sessions are in full swing now and we have been working very hard on the vital skill of  orally blending sounds into words. We have also been learning about 'tricky words' which are words which cannot be sounded out and just have to be learnt. We are trying to recognise to, the no, go and I quickly and this week we will give out sheets of the tricky words which can be cut up to play games with at home. In Maths we have been working on counting carefully, making sets of different amounts and recognising numbers.  This week we have completed our first RE topic and we celebrated all our work with a very prayerful Collective Worship.



5th October

This week we have been working really hard on our blending  and segmenting skills. Now that we know how to correctly pronounce more phonemes we have been using magnetic letters to make lots of short words.  In maths we have been learning about 2d shapes through creating shape pictures and going on a shape hunt.  We have been learning and using lots of language to describe shapes. Our RE topic for the week has been Judaism, finding out how Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah. We played the 'driedel game, made Hanukkah cards and even tasted pancakes! We had a lovely 'autumn walk' on Thursday and the children really enjoyed spotting all the signs of the season.

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12th October

As part of our new RE topic we have been exploring how we make others feel welcome and sharing our own experiences of being made to feel welcome. We then put this into practice by welcoming our class Governor, Mr Gaughan for a visit. Last weeks 'autumn walk' has led to lots of craft work including making hedgehogs and hoglets, stick wrapping with autumn colours and using pastels to decorate leaves. In maths we have been learning about addition and had a great time playing a pirate game involving combining bags of treasure. Each child has received their own 'tricky word key ring' today. Please help your child to quickly recognise these words as this will help them to read more fluently.

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19th October

We have really enjoyed learning about Baptism in RE this week. The children were all keen to take part in acting out what happens when a baby is welcomed into God's family and made some lovely baptismal candles. The story 'Owl Babies' created lots of interest in owls and led to lots of great art work, with the children particularly enjoying making owl masks. In our maths lessons we have been learning how to add 1 more and playing number track games. Our PE coach was very impressed this week with the improvement in the children's rolling and aiming skills and these sessions will continue on Mondays next half term. 

Have a lovely half term break!

November 2nd

Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a great half term holiday.

This week lots of our activities have had a Halloween theme. We began by reading and learning to write Halloween words and then some of us used these words to create some 'spooky spells.' In art work we have been making spiders, designing a hat for a witch and painting some black silhouettes. In our phonic sessions we learnt about the 'friendly letters' - ll, ff and ss and have also been tackling some 2 syllable words. We have been using pennies to do lots of counting and have been learning to use correctly the mathematical vocabulary more, fewer and equal. The children have really enjoyed playing in our 'Post Office' role play area and they were very excited to tell us all about their visits during the holiday.

9th November

We have been learning about the celebrations of Bonfire Night, Diwali and Remembrance Day this week. We began by practicing our pencil skills through creating lots of firework patterns. We then enjoyed hearing the story of Rama  and Sita as we found out about the Hindu celebration of Diwali and finally we explored lots of different ways of making poppies as we talked about Remembrance Sunday. Our literacy and numeracy work has been based of the book 'The Great Pet Sale' and the children really enjoyed drawing their own pet and inventing and spelling it's name. We have also been learning about money and using coins to pay for items.




16th November

We have had such a busy time with lots of special activities this week. On Monday we had a visit from Mrs Hussain as part of our RE topic on Islam. She very kindly brought in lots of objects which are special to Muslims. She showed us a prayer mat, prayer beads and a Qu'ran and told us all about how Muslims pray. The children were very excited to dress up in some of the beautiful scarves she brought. Tuesday was our Anti bullying day and everyone enjoyed wearing odd socks and taking part in activities to help us learn about respecting difference. On Thursday we walked to St Teresa's Church where we met Father Roy. He showed us all the things he uses when he baptises a baby and helped us to act out a baptism.  Along with all this we have also been busy learning the songs for our Christmas play and with the stage now up we will be starting to rehearse!

23rd November

After listening to the story of Penguin Small by Mick Inkpen the children were all keen to learn how to draw a penguin and write little captions about the main character. We also made penguins from different shapes and were very interested in finding out about animals who live in cold places. We were also able to sort animals who we would find on the land, in the sea or in the air. Jewels frozen inside an ice hand provided a great opportunity to explore ice at first hand and experiment with different ways of melting ice. In are number work we have been working on practical subtraction activities and practising counting backwards. On Thursday we had a great time celebrating Toffee and Biscuit's birthday and we have been very excited all week preparing by making cards and party hats.

30th November

It has been Christmas art week this week and we have been very busy making trees, baubles and snowmen using Christmas colours and developing our creative skills.

We have been involved in lots of rehearsals for our nativity play- Whoops-a-daisy angel,

with the children very excited to be on the stage and learn their part. We have been learning about the Advent Wreath and how it helps us to prepare for Jesus' birthday at Christmas. We have also made an Advent calendar with little tasks for each day. Please ask your child about the tasks and help them to complete them.

'Each time we light a candle

We'll think of what to do

To make this time a special time

of love for me and you'

7th December

Our Christmas preparations are in full swing!

We have been so busy rehearsing and it is lovely to see all the children so confident on the stage. In class we have been learning about the Christmas story during RE. The children have helped to make figures for our class crib display and have done some great writing about the story. They have really enjoyed painting shepherds and wise men and retelling the Nativity story with our knitted dolls.

We have been exploring cold colours and the children have loved experimenting with blue and white paint to create different shades of blue. We also made hot chocolate or hot Vimto and pretended to visit the North Pole with our hot drinks.



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