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Class 3/4B

W/C 29.4.19


It has been such a great week! The children have been busy learning all about decimals in maths, using their knowledge of place value to order and compare.


In English, our new book is 'Secrets of a Sun King'. It has been great exploring the new book and understanding the characters. We have written diary entries  as the main character, Lil and setting descriptions to describe Lil's house. 


In Creative, we have been looking in the atlas to name different seas and rivers. We also looked at how a river starts and talked about the different parts of a river. We will be looking more specifically at the river Nile over the coming weeks and how this was widely used by the Egyptians.


On Tuesday and Wednesday next week, we will welcome an Egyptologist into school who will work with children for the day. We are very excited about this and look forward to learning lots!


Have a wonderful, long weekend, 


Mrs. Balazs

Welcome to Class 3/4B


Welcome to our class page. We look forward to sharing all our learning and hard work with you throughout the year. 


Our Class Governor

Our Class Governor 1

WC 22/4/19


It’s been a brilliant first week back and the children have settled back in to school wonderfully. I hope you all had a brilliant Easter and enjoyed the amazing sunshine.


We have begun our new topics this week. In Creative, we have been looking in the atlas to name different seas and rivers. We also looked at how a river starts and talked about the different parts of a river. We will be looking more specifically at the river Nile over the coming weeks and how this was widely used by the Egyptians.


In maths, we have continued with our learning of fractions and decimals. The children are now much more confident when finding fractions of amounts and some can do this mentally.


You may have noticed that the playground has coloured footprints around the outside. The children will be encouraged to take part in the ‘Daily mile’. We had a go at this on Wednesday and I couldn’t believe how many children pushed themselves to achieve the mile!


Next week, the Year 3 children will go swimming. Please ensure they all bring the correct clothing and don’t forget a swimming hat!


Have a wonderful weekend J


Mrs. Balazs

WC 4/3/19


This week, we completed our RE topic which was based around the Eucharist- listening and sharing. Our Friday afternoon ended with a gorgeous collective worship, planned by the children and myself. They thought so carefully about their worship and how they wanted it to be. They also had the chance to have a look back through their RE books and 'remember' this lovely topic. 


Our English lessons have been based around Harry Potter again this week and the children have continued to enjoy this unit. They wrote some super detailed setting descriptions of Hogwarts using carefully chosen, descriptive language. They also looked at how an author creates tension in a story- focussing on Harry's first flying lesson. 


We have come to the end of area and perimeter in maths this week. I am pleased with the progress the children have made throughout this topic, they seem to have really enjoyed working with shapes- drawing shapes with a given perimeter or area. Next week, we are moving on to fractions.


On Thursday, it was world book day and I was so impressed with the outfit efforts! This day was linked to Science so we used the book, 'How to catch a star' to inspire the children to make a good rocket to send to space!! They had so much fun decorating their 'rockets' and launching them into 'space!!'


You might have seen some snaps and videos on Seesaw this week-this is a fantastic tool which allows you to have more of an insight into what your child gets up to at school- don't forget to have a look!


Next week, the children will continue to learn cricket in PE. I have to say, they are thoroughly enjoying it!


Many thanks for your continued support. Have a lovely, restful weekend.


Mrs. Balazs 



WC- 25.2.19


What a busy busy week in 3/4B!! 

We will start with the exciting news- no homework this week!!! Before half term, we wrote persuasive letters to Mrs. Holmes persuading her to ban homework. Today, she came with a message to our classroom, explaining how although she cannot ban homework, she was so impressed with our letters that for 1 week only, we are homework free!! Well done 3/4 :) 


I am very impressed with the high standard of work produced this week. The children are loving our Harry Potter unit in English and we have done lots of writing this week, including more letter writing and post cards. Thankyou to Evie for bringing in to school her sorting hat, we had lots of fun with it! 


In maths, we have been learning how to find the perimeter of different shapes. The year 4 children were also finding missing measurements so that they could then find the perimeter. 


We have had some lovely RE lessons this week, thinking about the Eucharistic prayer and how the word, 'Amen' means 'I agree'. 


At the beginning of the week, we begun our new Creative topic which is

'Passport to Europe'. The children used an atlas to look at the different countries within Europe and talked about different places they had visited. We also had a little discussion about current topics such as Brexit. 


Last night, some of the Y4 children performed at the Guild Hall in the WRIST friendship celebration. What a wonderful day it was and I have to say, their show was just AMAZING! I am so proud of all the children and I hope it has given them the confidence to want to do something like that again. It really was such a brilliant experience for them. Thankyou all for your support with the outfits and coming along to watch, I hope you had a great night!


Have a fantastic weekend and lets hope the sun comes out again!! 


Mrs. Balazs

WC: 11/2/19


Another super week this week and I can't believe it is almost the end of the half term! 


Persuasive letters have been the focus of our English lessons and we have been writing to Asda to persuade them to sell the salads we made in our Creative lessons. The children have really developed their writing techniques and have been using some fantastic persuasive vocabulary. 


In Maths this week, we have been learning to measure accurately. The year 3 children have been measuring using mm and cm and the year 4 children have been working with km. We then moved on to converting measurements which has been tricky but the children worked hard and became much more confident towards the end of the week. We have also been battling 4H on TT Rockstars and although it has been a very close battle, we are just in the lead!! Let's keep going and hopefully come out on top!! 


In RE we have been looking at the Eucharistic church service and learning about the different signs and symbols used. We did some work on the Gloria prayer, thinking about the meaning of different words before decorating a wand and giving reasons why each word is special. 


In art this week, we completed our fruit sketching using a range of different shading pencils and added some colour to these using pastels. Tomorrow, we will be experimenting with paint and having a go at mixing secondary colours. 


After half term, we will be reading the first book of, 'Harry Potter' and this weeks reading homework is linked to this. If the children have this book at home, feel free to read ahead,ready for the first week back!


Well done to all of the children for working so hard this half term, the work they have produced has been of a very high standard and I am proud of them all.


Have a fabulous half term and I hope the sun shines! Spring is certainly coming!


Mrs. Balazs 

W/C 4/2/19


I can’t believe it is almost the end of the week already! Thank you for attending parents' evening, it was lovely to meet you all.


This week, we began our new R.E topic which is all about listening and sharing. We started the topic as we always do by taking some time to think about our ‘Big Question’ and respond to this. We will re-visit this at the end of the topic and see whether any of our responses change.


In English, we have been learning all about persuasive texts, both spoken and written. We watched several TV advertisements but the children certainly had a favourite- the Weetabix advert! We must have watched this at least 5 times! We received a letter from Asda, asking for the children to write a letter to persuade them to choose their salad to add to their ‘food to go’ selection. We are all  very excited about this and the children will begin to write their persuasive letters back next week.


We have just about come to the end of our division unit in maths this week. The children have worked super hard and haven’t given up- even when things got tricky! Homework this week is based on division where the children will use the method they have learnt in class to solve the questions.


For those of you who are coming along on Thursday 28th February to watch the WRIST friendship dance, you are in for a huge treat!! It is just fantastic and wonderful to see so many children perform so confidently and together as a wonderful team! J


I hope you all have a brilliant weekend, let’s hope the rain stays away!!


Mrs. Balazs



WC: 28/1/19


We have enjoyed a week of poetry in English where the children have been analysing key vocabulary and talking about imagery. On Monday, the children used imagery to represent a setting through art work- they were all fantastic and it was wonderful to see how all of the children had different ideas.

In maths, we have been focussing on division and learning a formal method to do this. Year 4 children have been introduced to chunking and Y3, the number line method after using the numicon to divide practically. We will continue this learning next week!

We had so much fun making salads in DT this week- I hope the children enjoyed eating these at home and hopefully have been encouraged to make healthy choices after all their learning in Science!

We couldn’t not take the children outside for some fun in the snow on Wednesday morning! It was so nice to see all of the children playing and making snowmen with their friends and we managed to catch up with our lessons after- a lovely mid-week treat!

We have ended our productive week with a prayerful collective worship to end our R.E topic based on journeys. The children reflected on their work and decided to ‘Go Forth’ by asking their family about their journey in life so far. Lots of super work has been produced this week and I’m sure they are ready for a restful weekend- I know I am! Enjoy,


Mrs. Balazs

W/B 21.1.19


Wow! What an amazing week in 3/4B. We have been super busy finishing off our fable writing and have written them up on lovely paper, you will be able to have a read of these at parents evening. In RE, we have been learning about St. Therese and why she was such a strong willed and determined character. We also talked about when we celebrate her feast day and why it is so important to us. In Maths, we have continued our multiplication unit and have been developing our knowledge of the grid method and factors and multiples. Please keep trying hard to learn times tables, they help in all areas of maths! The children had so much fun in gymnastics this week- we even had the ropes out! We will continue to develop our skills for the rest of this half term. In DT, we will be planning salads before we make them next week- don’t forget to bring your labelled tub so you can take your salad home! Have a fantastic weekend! J


Things to remember: 


  • Indoor P.E on a Tuesday

  • Outdoor P.E on a Friday
  • Spellings will be sent out every Friday and there will be a spelling test the following Friday.

  • Homework sent out on Friday and due in on Tuesday.

  • All children should read regulary at home and be responsible for changing their books/ updating record sheet. 

  • All children should be continuing to learn all times tables up to 12x.