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Class 4H Mr Hughes


Welcome to Class 4H


Over the year, we will be adding updates, blogs, photos of our learning and important information. 

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team 1 Mr Hughes (Class Teacher)
Meet Our Team 2 Mrs Richardson (Teaching Assistant)

Our class governor is 

Mr Paul Hood

My Personal Best

The My Personal Best skill for this half term is 'Integrity'. We have to think about always doing the right thing, even if no one is watching. It is our responsibility to choose the correct path and not take a path with others if we know it is not the right thing to do. We will be thinking about this in our PE lessons and across everything we do in and out of school!

Week Commencing

29th April 2019


We have had a fantastic week and have been very busy. 

In RE, we have been thinking about energy and how the Holy Spirit gave energy to the Apostles. We thought of what we would like to ask the Apostles about how they felt after Jesus' death and the Ascension. 

Maths has been a continuation of our decimal work. We have been focusing on comparing, ordering and rounding decimals. The progress the children have made has been fantastic and they have a deep understanding of decimals now. 

We have had a great work in English this week with a focus on a setting description. We have spent the week gathering vocabulary from the text and then creating our own sentences and writing from this. It ended with the children producing amazing setting descriptions of Tulip's house. I have loved reading these. 

In PE, we have been doing some Outdoor Adventurous Activities and doing some problem solving and team building activities. This has been great fun and made the children really think whilst being active. 

Have a great weekend, 

Mr Hughes

Week Commencing



It’s been a brilliant first week back and the children have settled back in to school wonderfully. I hope you all had a brilliant Easter and enjoyed the amazing sunshine.


We have begun our new topics this week. In English, our new book is 'Secrets of a Sun King'. It has been great exploring the new book and understanding the characters. We then wrote a diary entry as the main character, Lil. 


In Maths, we have continued with our learning decimals. The children are now much more confident when using decimals, especially with hundredths.


In Creative, we have been looking in the atlas to name different seas and rivers. We also looked at how a river starts and talked about the different parts of a river. We will be looking more specifically at the river Nile over the coming weeks and how this was widely used by the Egyptians.


You may have noticed that the playground has coloured footprints around the outside. The children will be encouraged to take part in the ‘Daily Mile’. While I was on playground duty on Wednesday I completed my Active Mile and it is amazing to see how many children are completing a Mile a Day. We also have a traversing wall, netball posts and a football goal which have been great fun and made us all much more active when we are on the playground. 


Have a wonderful weekend, 


Mr Hughes. 

Week Commencing

18th March 2019

This week has been all about assessments so the children have been working extremely hard with those. It is great to see all of the hard work they have put in pay off. 

In Creative we have looked at the physical geography of France and explored different areas of this including the weather, mountains and rivers. The children produced some excellent writing and art work based on this. 

In RE we finished our Giving topic by looking at Jesus making the ultimate sacrifice when he was crucified. He gave his life for us and we discussed how we could give to others. We then made links to other times Jesus gave himself to people. 

The swimming coach was very impressed with the effort of the children this week. We have been looking at various strokes and this week focused on front crawl. The children are trying so hard to improve their skills and implement everything they are being taught. 

Enjoy your weekend and I hope the children come back ready for the last week of term. 

Mr Hughes.


Week Commencing

18th March 2019

Our collective worship theme this week has been Spring and it has been wonderful to spend time thinking of this time of year and why it is so special. We have talked a lot about new life in our worships and this links to all of the new learning we have been doing. 

In RE we looked at symbols which are important to Christians. We focused on how we can act during Lent to help others and made links to how Jesus gave Himself to others. 

Maths has been lots of fun this week, we have begun to explore decimals and how they are linked to fractions. The first day of this was extremely difficult but by day two the progress was exceptional. 

You may have seen on Seesaw, our English has moved to Non-chronological reports. We have been identifying the features of them and in the next few weeks we will be writing our own all about Paris. 

Have a wonderful weekend, 

Mr Hughes. 

Week Commencing

11th March 2019

This week has been full of highlights and special moments. 

I can't help but start with Wednesday which was Spirituality Day in school. From the beginning to end it was a wonderful day and the children really focused on our school mission statement 'Christ be in our heads, in our hearts and in our hands'. We began the day with a Collective Worship in the library and then went back to class for some meditation which the children really enjoy. For the rest of the morning we thought about how we can live out the school mission statement and then looked at World Peace linked to WW1. Have a look at the pictures below to see the wonderful pieces of art the children produced collectively. After lunch, the children moved around all of the KS2 classes and went to all of the different prayer spaces. They did various activities with the different teachers and when they got back at the end of the day they had thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon. 

Furthermore, the rest of the week has seen us being very busy as well. Our Maths we have continued fractions which is coming to and end this week and we will be moving on to decimals next week.

We have been writing our own scene from Harry Potter in English which we will be carrying on next week.

In RE it has been Explore week, this means we have been exploring our new topic and on Monday afternoon we had a Doctor in class to tell us all about her role. Our topic is Lent/Easter but we are thinking about Giving and how people give so much to others. 

Have a great weekend, 

Mr Hughes

Spirituality Day

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Spirituality Day 13

Week Commencing

4th March 2019

As always, we have been busy and hard working in 4H. The children never fail to amaze me and this week has been no different. 

Our work in Maths is still focused on fractions and we have been looking at various problems and really stretching ourselves to answer these questions. 

World Book Day on Thursday showed the love for books and reading which the children have and their costumes were amazing! We linked World Book Day and Science Week and looked at the book 'How to Catch a Star' by Ollie Jeffers. This led us to create rockets to send up to space to catch a star. We looked at using air pressure to fire the rocket and also making them aerodynamic. 

In RE this week we are finishing the topic so have been reflecting on our learning and as a class will plan a collective worship based around our topic of 'Listening and Sharing'.

Make sure you look on Seesaw for all of the other great activities we have been doing this week.

Have a great weekend, 

Mr Hughes. 

Week Commencing

25th February 2019

This has been a wonderful start to the half-term. The children's batteries are fully recharged and it has been great hearing what they did over the half-term break. 

Harry Potter has been the focus of our English, as it will be for this half-term. We have all been sorted in to different houses and thought about the journey on the Hogwarts Express. We have replied to the letter Hagrid delivered to Harry offering him a place at Hogwarts and we have also described the Great Hall where the sorting ceremony took place. The children's writing has been as magical as the story! 

In Maths, we have been continuing with our work on fractions and looking at adding fractions. This has been especially difficult when the denominators are different but the children have been more than up to the challenge. 

RE this week has been looking at what happens in a church service. We have looked at the different readings and done some role-play of this and then looked at the Chalice and Paten and what they are used for. 

In Creative, we have started looking at our new topic 'Passport to Europe'. We talked about the difference about Europe and the European Union and then did some map work all about the countries in Europe.

Tonight we are looking forward to the Friendship Concert which is going to be an amazing showcase of the children's performance talents. 

Remember to keep checking the Seesaw app for regular updates on what we are doing in class. When children are proud of their work, they will be able to send it home for you to see. 

Have a glorious weekend, 

Mr Hughes

Week Commencing

11th February 2019


This week has flown by. We have been so busy learning in 4H I don't know how it is already the end of the week and the half term. 


Persuasive letters have been the focus of our English lessons and we have been writing to Asda to persuade them to sell the salads we made in our Creative lessons. The children have really developed their writing techniques and have been using some fantastic persuasive vocabulary. 


In Maths this week we have continued our work on fractions and have looked at comparing fractions. We have also been battling 3/4B on TT Rockstars and it has been a very close battle. Hopefully by the end of the battle on Friday, we come out victorious. 


In RE we have been looking at the start of a church service and giving reasons to why certain things happen. We have done some drama and role play and also been looking at key religious vocabulary. 


We have had a wonderful Art lesson this week where we have been mixing paint and experimenting with different colours. Now we have developed those skills we are going to apply them to painting different fruit. 


Have a wonderful half term and I hope you all enjoy the break and come back fully recharged for next half term!


Mr Hughes

Week Commencing

4th February 2019


What a wonderful week we have had in our class! It was great to see so many parents at Parents' Evening and celebrate the achievements of the children. Also, the rehearsals for the Friendship Concert have come on massively! The performance level is so high and I can't wait for the 28th February, make sure you have got your tickets from the school office.  


On Monday we received a very exciting letter from Asda about our salads asking the children to send a letter to persuade Asda to sell their salad. This has been a great stimulus in our English lessons and we have been looking at lots of different persuasive adverts and letters. 


Maths this week has been all about fractions. We have been looking at what a fraction is and when we use them. We have gone on to look at equivalent fractions and next week we will be progressing this even further. 


We have started our new RE topic this week and have been thinking all about listening and sharing. We have listened to the different sounds around school and done some drama activities based on the 'Stone Soup' story. 


In Computing the children have been creating a game on Scratch and we have now progressed to including lives on the game switching to a different background when you lose all of your lives. The children have done so well with this and their games are fantastic. 


Enjoy your weekend, 

Mr Hughes

Week Commencing 21st January 2019

This week we have been learning...

Maths this week has been very tricky as we have been looking at division. The children have been learning a new method and they have shown great resilience and determination to work through problems. 

The children have been writing fables this week in English. Some of the excellent vocabulary the children have used has really blown me away. It has been great to read their writing throughout the week and watch how they have edited their own work. 

In our RE lessons we have been looking at different feast days and the Liturgical Year. On Tuesday, the children spent time learning more about St Teresa and her feast day and then wrote invitations to her feast day. Lots of children were giving reasons why we should celebrate the day. 

Swimming and Gymnastics were the focus of our PE lessons this week. The children are making lots of progress in their swimming which is fantastic to see. In gymnastics we set up four stations looking at different ways of travelling and one was rope climbing. This was extremely difficult but with lots of perseverance lots of us managed to get high up the rope. Well done! Make sure you have a look at some of the pictures below. 

Enjoy your weekend, 

Mr Hughes 


Great effort from all of the children climbing the ropes in PE. Super work 4H!

Week Commencing 14th January 2019

This week we have been learning...


Wow! What an unbelievable week we have had! 


Our English topic is Fables for this half term and the children have been planning their own fable. Some of their ideas and vocabulary have been incredible and I can't wait to read them next week. 


Maths has been lots of fun this week. We have been looking at grid method for multiplication and on Wednesday we had lots of very challenging questions. We tried to work the calculations out individually and then worked as a group to discuss different methods and find which way was the most efficient. 


TT Rockstars helps massively with all of our mathematics and it would be great if all of the children could go on this each week. There is a class battle in play at the moment and it is very close. 


Swimming this week was excellent. The children were in their groups and were doing lots of different tasks and drills. They all worked so hard and this is a skill that will be extremely useful for them throughout life. 


Enjoy your weekend, 

Mr Hughes

Week Commencing 7th January 2019

This week we have been learning...


What an amazing start to 2019! We have had such a busy week and been learning lots of different things. 


In Maths we have been looking at multiplication. We started with the 11 and 12 times tables and have moved on to multiplying 3 numbers together and factors. The work the children have been doing on TT Rockstars has really helped them with this, keep it up! 


Fables have been the focus of our English lessons this week. We have been looking at lots of different fables and reading them to discover the moral of the story. Later in the week, we wrote character profiles using some fantastic vocabulary. 


Our topic for Science and Creative is Healthy Humans. We have been looking at which foods we should eat in moderation and which foods we can eat plenty of. 


Enjoy your weekend, 

Mr Hughes

Things to remember:

  • Outdoor P.E kits - Tuesday    

  • Indoor P.E kits - Wednesday                                                                     

  • Try to keep PE kits in school at all times 

  • Spellings will be tested and given out every Friday                     

  • Homework will be given out every Friday and is on due on the following Tuesday                           

  • Keep reading at home, every night                                                    

  • Learn times tables as much as possible, remember to access TT Rockstars!