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Welcome to Class R1MB!

We have been having fun in our new classroom.

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Mrs. Moon & Mrs. Bradbury 


Our teaching assistants are Mrs. Brown, Mrs Serpa and Miss Parkinson.


Our Class Governor is Fr. Roy Cooper. 


Phonics Screening 

We have been working hard on our phonic skills in the Year 1 classes and we have been preparing for the Phonics Screening Check in June. 


Children - follow the links below for fun games online.


Parents - follow the link below for videos containing more information.


What have we been learning this week?

Friday 21st March 2019


This week, we have been learning more about how we can make a new start with our relationships and in our daily lives. Our Scripture said...

“Come back to me with all of your heart. Make a new start.”

Based on Joel 2:13.

We also created heart booklets and recording the different ways that we can be close to Jesus, make a new start and give something up.

We have been learning to recognise the story of Palm Sunday. We had lots of fun acting out the story. We all created our own palm leaves and waved them in the air.It was a very special lesson outdoors. 

In our maths work, we have continued to apply our skills relating to telling the time. We have been focusing on o’clock, half past and some of us have started to work on quarter past the hour.


Our writing has been excellent this week! We have all finished our Jack and the Beanstalk stories, using our own story maps to help us. 

During our topic work, we have continued to focus on growth! Our caterpillars in class are growing very quickly!


Have a lovely restful weekend.


What have we been learning this week?

Friday 15th March 2019


Spring is in the air this week. We have started to explore a new topic in RE called ‘Changes.’ We have been exploring how the seasons change and how we change as we develop and grow. This new topic has linked beautifully to our work on ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and Science too.


On Wednesday, we gathered together, we prayed and we focused purely on our spirituality. The teachers created beautiful prayer spaces for us to experience and reflect upon.

These included; Hopes and dreams, forgiveness, creation, love, kindness and Jesus, the light of the World.

Have a little look at our photographs.  

Spirituality Day in R1MB

Spirituality Day in R1MB 1
Spirituality Day in R1MB 2
Spirituality Day in R1MB 3
Spirituality Day in R1MB 4
Spirituality Day in R1MB 5
Spirituality Day in R1MB 6
Spirituality Day in R1MB 7
Spirituality Day in R1MB 8
Spirituality Day in R1MB 9
Spirituality Day in R1MB 10

What have we been learning this week?

Friday 8th March 2019

This week we have covered a great deal in R1MB. We have been focusing on the start of Lent and we have been writing prayers linked to our CAFOD appeal in school. We all really enjoyed our trip down to Church for Ash Wednesday. We have been reflecting upon how we can be more like Jesus during the season of Lent, and beyond. We completed our celebration of the end of our topic – Special Meals. It was a very prayerful atmosphere and the children loved looking back and celebrating their new knowledge.


This is a list of the other things that we have been doing this week!

  • Maths – measuring and comparing weight
  • English – sequencing the story of Jack and the Beanstalk
  • DT day – we all created our own moving vehicles.


What a busy week!

WC 25th February 2019 


This week we have been learning to spell the days of the week. Watch the video clip from BBC bitesize to complete your homework. Don't forget to work on your handwriting too.    

What are the days of the week?

What are the days of the week?  1

15th February 2019

What have we been learning this week?

What a busy end to our half term! The children across the infant department have been working their socks off! We have come to the end of our Explorers topics and we have discovered a great deal about the famous explorer – Christopher Columbus.

We have started to use Seesaw and we hope the parents have been enjoying receiving updates on what the children have been learning in school.

Have a wonderful half term everyone!

Infant Team.

Friday 8th February 2019 

What have we been learning this week?

On Tuesday it was 'Safer Internet Day' and we discovered such a lot about staying safe and giving consent online. Throughout our day, we focused on three different activities.


Buddy the dog helped us to think about how to use the Internet safely. This specifically focused on the safe use of tablets/Ipads and smartphones. We read Buddy the Dog’s Internet Safety story and we used the questions as key discussion points about internet safety. We sang a song and designed our own posters about how to stay smart and SAFE online.


This week, we started a new topic in R.E. We explored the times when we have shared special meals with our families and friends. Our work will lead on to us focusing on the most special meal of all - The Eucharist. 

During our topic work this week, we have all been learning about the Chinese New Year. We have been using our mapping skills and our creativity too. 

The Reception children made their own Chinese dragon for their celebration!

What an exciting week!

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Friday 1st February 2019

What have we been learning this week?

What another super week in school! We had a lovely collective worship for the Year 1 children on Tuesday. We responded to God’s word by singing ‘This little light of mine.’ We invited members of our family to join us. It was lovely to see some of the children’s little brothers, sisters and cousins joining in with our special worship time together.

Throughout this week, we have continued with our focus on fractions and place value in Y1 and halving in Reception. We have been exploring all things linked to Christopher Columbus and China. The Reception children have been completing lots of Chinese New Year craft activities, in preparation for the Reception celebration next week.


Updates and News

We are starting to complete our Year 1 tricky word assessments this week (reading and spelling the words). Have a little look at the list in the front of your reading diaries.


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Friday 1st February 2019 - Today we are launching the Seesaw App! Please read further information in the SeeSaw letter and the instructions sent home.

Have a lovely weekend everybody!

Friday 25th January 2019

What have we been learning this week? 


This week, we have enjoyed exploring and creating our own under the sea poems. The Year One children used nouns, verbs and exclamation marks, whilst the Reception children focused on developing and using their segmenting skills.
We also created starfish and crabs to go on our poem display. 

We had a 'splashing' good time and our poems are excellent! 


During R.E this week, we focused on the story of when Jesus was presented in the Temple. Simeon said...

"This baby will bring light to the world."

We created our own candles and crosses to help us to recognise this special story. Some of us also began to retell the story too.

On Thursday, the Year One children visited our local Church to act out the Gospel Procession and to talk about what special people do in Church. 


During our maths sessions, we have been focusing on fractions. We began by halving shapes and then we moved on to halving different amounts. Next week, we will be looking at halves AND quarters. 




Friday 11th January 2019

Welcome back and a happy new year! 

The children have quickly settled back into our school routines. They have been starting to look at their new 'Explorers' topic. This has been very exciting.  

During R.E, we have been exploring what makes a special person. We created lists, painted pictures and dressed up as people who help us (police officers, nurses and fire fighters). 


We have been learning about 2D shapes and their properties in Year 1, whilst the Reception children have been learning to name and sort the 2D shapes.  


In our English lessons, we watched a wonderful animation called 'Taking Flight'. The children loved this and wrote a recount from the point of view of the little boy. 

The Reception children have started to explore the story 'We're going on a bear hunt!' They have been pretending to go through the squelchy mud and swishy grass. Our sentence writing, inspired by the story, has been super! 


We briefly looked at some famous explorers in our first history lesson and talked about what an explorer would need. 

The children loved our striking and fielding lesson in P.E as they competitively tried to gain runs whilst the fielder retrieved their beanbags!

Finally to finish our very busy first week back, we have been programming and continuing to develop our knowledge of algorithms in computing. 

Have a restful weekend!

Mrs Moon and Mrs Bradbury

Week Beginning 3.12.18


The children arrived into school on Monday morning to find the Christmas trees up and all their wonderful handmade decorations all over the infant department to mark the beginning of the festive season at St Teresa's!  How exciting!  Year one really did us proud this week with their 'Christmas Spectacular', they sang their hearts out and it was lovely to see them perform to family and friends after all their hard work rehearsing.  Well done year 1!  They have still been very busy with all their learning: problem solving in maths and writing their own non-chronological report about mammals in English.  In our creative work this week, the children have been finding out about different climates around the world and how they relate to the equator.


Reception have had a lovely week with lots of creative work about 'cold places'.  They enjoyed making hot chocolate and visiting the North Pole in our outdoor area.  We were thinking about the animals that live in the Polar regions and what the weather is like there; brrrrrrrrrr! The children are getting excited about their performance of Whoops a Daisy Angel this week, it's going to be very heart warming.


See you next week! 


Week beginning 26.11.18


Well, I don't know about the children, but Mrs. Bradbury and Mrs. Moon are worn out after the busy week that we have had in R/1MB!  Year 1 have been working hard on tricky repeated addition and starting to understand how to make arrays to show equal groups.  This learning lays the foundation for understanding the concept of multiplication.  The children did lots of practical arrays including counters, dotty painting, cheerios and their personal favourite ...midget gems!  All that maths as well as rehearsing for our Year 1 Christmas Spectacular and creating some beautiful Christmas decorations for our infant department.


Reception have been equally as busy, learning to form the 'ladder letters' using our fancy cursive handwriting.  The children finished reading the story of 'Penguin Small' by Mick Inkpen and did some fantastic captions to match pictures from the story.  The water tray was filled with various containers this week as the children were learning about capacity and undertook an investigation into which container would hold the most liquid and why.  The sound of the Reception children's nativity rehearsals has been heard echoing throughout the school, their beautiful singing is sounding wonderful and some of them have really flourished on the stage...Hollywood, here we come!


Advent is nearly upon us and the children have all been thinking about 'waiting' and learning what advent means.  Wishing you all a very happy and holy weekend.


See you all next week!


Week beginning 19th November - Lots of Science!

Image result for animals around the world


This week, the children have all been doing lots of science involving learning about animals and how they are similar and different.  We have linked this learning to our geography knowledge about hot and cold countries, year one have even learnt a little bit about the equator! They have asked lots of scientific questions and enjoyed learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.  Next week, year 1 will use all this knowledge to write a non-chronological report.  They are working so hard!


Reception have also been learning about animals.  They have been reading the story of Penguin Small and learning about animals in cold places.  All the children took part in an 'ice investigation' in our outdoor learning area.  They handled ice blocks with an item frozen inside and had to think carefully about the best way to get the toy out.  They are cracking little scientists, well done reception! 


See you all next week!


Week beginning 12th November - busy, busy, busy!



Our first week back in school


We hope you all had a restful half term break.  The children have been reading 'How to Catch a Star' by Oliver Jeffers in literacy this week.  We will be reading more stories by this author next week! 


In maths, the children have been working hard on their number bonds and we had a number problem solving day on Friday where we really had to put our thinking caps on!  


Reception have been learning to form the 'curly caterpillar' letters, starting with c, a and o using our 'fancy' St Teresa's cursive handwriting.  The children have been writing in glitter and doing lots of 'funky fingers' activities to strengthen their finger muscles. Super stars!


A super first week back, well done everyone!

Our Autumn Day - Tuesday 16th October 2018

We are finishing off our week with lots of creative topic activities. The children have worked very hard this half term and we hope they all have a good break. 

Friday 5th October 2018



It has been another busy week in R/1MB!  We have been having lots of fun with Wallace and Gromit in literacy and learning all about how to use exclamation marks in our writing! Wallace and Gromit made us laugh so much when Wallace's invention all goes wrong.


We have been looking at patterns all around us in Art.  Year 1 enjoyed sketching different patterns that they could find around the school grounds.


Reception were out and about this week looking for signs of Autumn.  We collected Autumn leaves and talked about the different colours that we could see.  The children were very good at giving reasons for the leaves changing colour and falling off the trees.  We also hunted for conkers and acorns and enjoyed learning about animals that store food for the Winter.  Well done reception!


In Maths, we have been using crocodile signs to show greater than and less than when looking at numbers.  Watch out...the crocodile will always eat the biggest number!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

What we have been learning this week - R1MB

Friday 21st September 2018


What a busy week we have had in R/1MB!  We have continued to work on partitioning 2 digit numbers with the year 1 children and they have enjoyed using lots of different resources to support them in their learning.  Reception have been learning to be 'careful counters' and they have been sequencing numbers to 10 and 20!


The Smartest Giant in Town has come to Penwortham!  The children in year one have been using nouns and adjectives in their writing!  Wow!  Reception have been working on their fine motor skills by doing lots of glitter writing and funky fingers activities.


Please don't forget to work on your sound books at home Reception. You can do it!


We have been looking at our local area and the children loved using google earth and digi map to explore West End Park.  Then they drew a map of the park and added their own labels.


What a super week!  Well done everyone!


A Poet in Town!

Still image for this video
We created our own Year 1 poems with the help of Paul Cookson.
Tuesday 5th September 2018.

Place value activities September 2018

Friday 14th September 2018 

Our week in R1MB 

This week we have been exploring the story of 'The Smartest Giant in Town' by Julie Donaldson. The children have been matching labels to the giant's clothes and the Year 1 children have been writing super sentences. 

In our maths work, everybody has been working on their counting skills. Year 1 have also been learning to partition numbers to 20 and beyond, using the part whole model. Photos have been posted above. 


In our creative areas of learning, Reception and Year 1 have been listening and creating music and they have been creating maps of where they live. Some of the Reception children loved creating maps and incorporated dinosaurs and emergency vehicles. 



PE Days for Autumn 1 term: 


Reception children - Mondays only


Year 1 children  - Tuesday (Multi skills)

Friday - in the hall

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Home Reading Books: Your child will be in a reading group and have their reading books changed once per week.   Please see the front cover of your child's reading diary for their specific day.  We kindly ask that parents comment in the home reading diary and sign to say that the books have been read.  Reception children will follow the same routine when they are ready for their first home reading book!

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Y1 Homework and Spellings Year 1 children will receive homework and spellings every Friday.  Both are due in on Tuesday.  


The Year 1 children will have their spelling quiz each Wednesday morning

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