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Reporting Positive Covid Cases during the Christmas Break

Dear Parents/Carers,

Reporting Covid-19 Cases during the Christmas Break


Unfortunately, there is a chance that some pupils and staff may have to isolate over the Christmas period. When school finishes on Friday afternoon we will still need to be notified of any pupil or staff member who develops symptoms before 1.30pm on Sunday 19th December and subsequently tests positive. After this, the process will be left up to Test and Trace and school will not need to be notified during the Christmas break.


School will be on duty for 6 days this is due to the time lag that there may be between a person displaying symptoms and receiving a positive test outcome.


An example is shown as follows:


  • Person develops symptoms on Sunday before 1.30pm and was last in school on Friday until 1.30pm (so within the 48 hour contact period)
  • They apply for a test and test is taken eg Monday.
  • Test results are received on Wednesday and they then inform school


Only if the person displaying symptoms did so within 48 hours of last being in school should they be contacting the school. If it is outside this 48 hour period that they were last in school then this is for NHS Test and Trace to administer.


I have set up an email for reporting positive COVID cases during this period.

This email will be checked daily until six days after we finish school. It must not be used for any other purpose.


Yours sincerely


Mrs Jillian Holmes