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Geography at St Teresa's




Here at St Teresa's, we aim to provide a high quality geography education that inspires children's curiosity and fascination with the world and it's people. This is done through first hand experience, exploration and investigation of secondary sources. Geography aims to develop children's understanding and knowledge of the world enabling them to develop a caring attitude towards the people, plants and animals within it. 


The aims within our policy are as follows:

  • To develop geographical skills through effective and efficient teaching and learning throughout the school.

  • To use the outside as much as possible to teach in the most effective way.

  • To continuously improve the Geographical opportunities for all pupils 

  • To strive to extend opportunities to learn within the wider community. 


For information relating to the INTENT of our Geography Curriculum, please refer to the long term plan below. 


Key Learning

The geography curriculum is made up of different areas of learning:

  • Locational and place knowledge
  • Human and Physical geography


Children then develop skills in relation to these areas:

  • Mapping
  • Fieldwork
  • Enquiry and investigation
  • Communication
  • Use of ICT/technology


Children study their local area, places within the United Kingdom and contrasting countries from across the globe. They explore human and natural environments and the physical and human processes within these. As pupils progress, they develop a deeper understanding of the connections between human and physical processes and how these impact on the environment and landscapes.