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Online Safety

Welcome to the Online Safety department of our website. At St.Teresa's, we realise how the internet has drastically changed the way children interact with the world.


They have access to in-depth knowledge, tools to express their creativity and people from all over the world. We promote this tool and provide stimulating activities for children to develop their skills in this area of the curriculum. However, along with this fascinating new way to connect with the world, the internet offers new risks. 

  • Online bullying 
  • Exposure to inappropriate material 
  • Online Predators 
  • Revealing personal information 


It is important to ensure that all children are aware of these risks and learn to use the internet safely and responsibly.


As a school we:

  • Ensure all children are aware of the risks online 
  • Ensure children feel safe to report incidents 
  • Attend Online Safety meetings/ training 
  • Provide staff and parental training
  • Discuss and review the Online Safety Policy 
  • Involve older children in the delivery of Online- Safety sessions across the school


The school uses a filtering system provided by BTLS called Netsweeper. Further information about the filtering system can be found by clicking on the link below.


Information for Parents and Carers