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Welcome to St. Edmund Year 3/4 Class page


Welcome to our class page. We look forward to sharing all our learning and hard work with you throughout the year. Make sure you check the SeeSaw app to see what we are up to on a day to day basis. 


Meet the Teacher

Mrs Nuttall



Our Class Governor is Mr. J. Gallagher





Shielding or isolating due to Covid-19 - Remote Home Learning Plan 

This section is coming soon!



If your child is required to shield or isolate, a remote home learning plan will be sent home via Seesaw, as promptly as possible. 


PE days  

Please come to school in your PE kit on PE days. 


Home reading during school closure

Home Reading Books: Your child will have access to online reading books and we will issue school reading books after the children have settled into school. More information to follow.


Visit the Pearson's Active Learn website where you can access our Bug Club. Here we have allocated your child a selection of reading books for the book band they are currently on. Once they have logged in, if they click ‘My Stuff’ they will see the books that have been allocated to them. The log ins for this website will be sent via SeeSaw. Please listen to your child read as you normally would. Choose at least two books to read per week.  

This September, we will be launching Seesaw again. This is an excellent way to communicate with your child's class teacher. Look out for the QR code in your child's school bag. 


Remember to use your home journal codes to start creating your journals on Seesaw. The teachers can see what you are posting and share activities and announcements. 

St Edmund Weekly Timetable

Please use this timetable to help you organise your home learning.  If you are unsure please contact Mrs Nuttall via SeeSaw.
Home Learning Week Commencing 23.11.20
Home Learning Week Commencing 16.11.20
Collective Worship
Maths Year 3
Maths Year 4

Maths Year 3 and 4 Tuesday

Today I would like you to practise your column addition and subtraction.  To generate your sums you can use a dice and roll 4 numbers to make a 4-digit number, however when you are doing subtraction make sure you put your largest number on the top line.  If you don't have a dice or you want higher numbers in your sums then you can write the number 0-9 on pieces of paper and pull them out of a hat, again choose 4 numbers to make a 4-digit number.  If you would like to do higher digit numbers you can. You can ask a grown up or use a calculator to check your answers.  Try and do 20 sums of each.  

Remember with column addition if the number is 10 or more we need to carry the 1 over on the bottom line and add 1 to the next column.

Remember with column subtraction if the number on the top line is less than the number underneath we need to borrow one from our neighbour. 

If you are unsure please message me on seesaw.


If you require more maths you can practise you times tables or number bonds to 10, 20 or 100.

Design Technology
Last week in DT you planned 4 different games to make that were in the theme of Christmas and included a buzzer or light circuit.  For this week I want you to research on Smyths toys website and Argos or any other toy website for other Christmas games or games with lights or buzzers on them.  Think about your game and if you could improve on your ideas at all.  Remember you are going to have to make your game so it needs to be achievable.  Make notes of any improvements you want to add or alterations you think you should make to your plans, ready for next week.


Watch the video below, chat with your grown up about whether this has ever happened before or what you would do if it did.  Once the video has finished press the ok icon.  You will then have a blank page to make a poster about inappropriate content and what to do.  There are some question tips on the left hand side to help. Add words and pictures.  Save your work in your folder by clicking the red arrow and save and exit.


Science - Electricity lesson 2

Home Learning Week Commencing 09.11.20
Feel Good Friday (13th November)

Below are a range of activities for your child to use, it is not intended for you to do every single activity but choose the ones you feel your child would enjoy.  Some need the sheets printing, others can be done on paper (feel free to use your child's homework book), others can just be carried out.

There are videos for each section and these can be accessed on the Children in Need Website.  Feel free to watch them before doing to work.

You can also (if you have the time and means) spend the day doing something good together and having chats about how the children feel during these strange times.  This could include board games, baking, watching a movie or doing crafts, anything that makes you feel good!

Collective Worship
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
You will see that the activities are labelled 1a,b and C. Choose the one most appropriate for your child to complete. 
Lesson 3
Lesson 4

Science Electricity Lesson 2



This week the children can access 'All About Explorers'  This website has been created to show children that you cannot believe everything you read on the internet.  It shows fictional information an=bout real explorers.  The children need to read the facts and use the internet to find out which facts are true and which are not true.  In class we will be using the page on Christopher Columbus  

Explain that it is important that they use reputable sources online e.g. National Geographical, or BBC.  They could use 2Publish Plus on Purple Mash and select a blank web page (this may have been set up in your child's 2dos), they can produce their own spoof web page about a person they know (famous or family member).  This can be sent to their class display board or saved in their folder.

Home Learning Week Comm 02.11.20