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Reading "the single most important reform in boosting children’s life chances."


Reading is the priority


At St.teresa's, reading is a priority. We recognise the importance of developing children's early reading skills to enable full access to a rich, wide curriculum. We teach our children that reading is an open door to all other reading opportunities. Whilst reading is discretely taught within each year group each day, this skill is embedded into every area of our curriculum, providing continuous opportunities for our children to further develop word reading and comprehension. Reading is at the heart of our broad and balanced curriculum and the individual reading journey of all children is supported and celebrated accordingly. 


Promoting a love of reading? 


At St. Teresa's, both children and staff are passionate about reading. All children enjoy listening to their Teacher read during 'story time' each day and are invited to make recommendations for the next class text. Time is set aside for this important part of the day when reading well- chosen books aloud enables children to experience and enjoy a range of stories they might not otherwise meet. We are very lucky at St. Teresa's to have a beautiful library full of high- quality texts for the children to borrow and enjoy. Our librarian works hard to create an inspiring space for quiet reading and is available to give advice to our children when choosing a book. Alongside a book that is carefully matched to the reading abilities of our children, we also invite the children to choose a free read book from the library to allow for further exploration and enjoyment of reading for pleasure.


Supporting our children


We develop our children's competence in both dimensions of reading: word reading and comprehension. We recognise that every child's learning journey can be different and ensure that each child is treated as an individual. We prioritise reading for our early and developing readers; giving them the knowledge and skills to decode, learn and recognise a bank of words. We ensure Quality First Teaching and provide additional support for children who need extra help to keep up. 


What are V.I.P.E.R.S?