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Remote Learning at St. Teresa's

Remote Learning Offer

We have been realistic, but aspirational in what we can offer as a school. We have consulted with the teaching staff and have considered feedback that we have received from parents.


What will Remote Learning look like at St. Teresa’s?

Work can be accessed immediately by looking at the activities posted on each class page.  The 24/48 isolation sheet has activities which consolidate basic skills.


What can I expect by Day Two of a bubble closing or a partial school closure? 

Each day you will receive an introduction to the daily activities from a teacher. This may be a voice note, text, or short video (this is at the teacher’s discretion).


In Key Stage 1 you will receive tasks which will provide at least 3 hours of learning a day

In Key Stage 2 you will receive tasks which will provide at least 4 hours of learning a day


The activities delivered in school will be the same as those provided for our home learners.


There will be detailed explanations given for each task. This will be in the form of videos from the White Rose Hub and Oak Academy alongside videos made by the teachers. Powerpoint presentations will also be used which will have clear explanations throughout. Some of these Powerpoints may have voice overs by the teachers. This format will give pupils the flexibility to complete the lessons without the constraints of device sharing at home and allow children to complete the work at their pace, rewinding explanations if necessary. Teachers will be on hand via SeeSaw if they are having any difficulties.


We will be providing live Zoom check ins on a daily basis. These will enable pupils to ask the teachers any questions they might have and provide the opportunity for feedback. The Zoom calls have been organized in year groups (not classes) and have been timetabled so that they occur at different times of the day to avoid the issue of device sharing.


How will remote learning be planned for younger children and children with special educational needs?

We recognise that younger pupils and some pupils with SEND may not be able to access remote education without adult support. Remote learning for younger pupils and those with SEND will be less formal. It will include videos, pre-recorded lessons, parent led activities and lots of opportunities for play. 

Building in opportunities throughout the day for structured and unstructured play time is essential. Younger children should not be spending prolonged lengths of time in front of a laptop or other devices. Learning through play is vital and very important for all younger children.  


How will the needs of pupils with SEND be met?

Mrs Moon will continue to oversee the SEND provision throughout the school, working with class teachers and families at home to ensure that pupils have the appropriate provision.  If pupils self-isolate or have to shield, decisions on how provision can be delivered will be informed by relevant considerations including, for example, the types of services that the pupil can access remotely, for example, online teaching and remote sessions with different types of therapists. These decisions will be considered on a case-by-case basis, avoiding a one size fits all approach.


Do I need to print all the resources?

Teachers will aim to plan tasks that require less worksheets to be printed. Work can be completed in books or on blank paper rather than on the worksheets to reduce printing. If you require a blank book or resources printing please contact your class teacher and they will arrange for these to be printed for you to collect from school.


Will the school live stream the lessons being taught in school?

There are numerous reasons why the school does not believe that live streaming lessons being taught in school to key worker and vulnerable pupils would be suitable for our setting. There are many safeguarding issues relating to live streaming and we also believe that the recording quality of these sessions would be an issue.


Will the teachers deliver live lessons?

Quote from Amanda Spielman – Chief Inspector of Ofsted

“When I have seen some people saying in public that every school should be able to provide full on-screen taught programme for all children all the hours they would normally be in school, I have not supported that. I don’t see that as something that is necessarily sensible or realistic at either end.”


We believe that a combination of video lessons, independent tasks and daily live check in sessions (with a teacher) will provide the best possible experience for our pupils at home. We appreciate the value of interacting with the pupils on a daily basis, so we have decided to introduce daily Zoom check ins. This will give your child the opportunity to ask questions and for the teachers to pick up on any misconceptions and provide feedback to the learners at home.


What should I do if I am struggling to deliver home learning?

You can contact the school to request some additional support from the class teacher. 


How will the teachers assess the pupils?

The teachers will assess the pupils through the work they submit on SeeSaw but also through questioning and discussion during the daily Zoom meetings. Teachers may also set quizzes or tests to assess the pupils.


How will teachers feedback to the pupils?

Teachers will provide feedback via SeeSaw and during the daily Zoom check ins.


Can I request a phone call from the classteacher?

Yes, you may request a phone call with a teacher to discuss your child’s well-being or the home learning.


How will the school monitor the engagement of pupils?

Teachers will be monitoring the attendance of pupils at the daily check ins and their engagement via the work they submit on SeeSaw. Teachers will contact parents to discuss any concerns they identify relating to pupil engagement and will offer support.


Will remote learning be different if there are only a few pupils from the class isolating?

Remote learning will be different if the majority of the class are still in school as their teacher will be delivering lessons throughout the day. Teachers will make every effort to respond to questions, via SeeSaw, when they are available. Resources will be uploaded to the school website. Teachers will not be able to produce as many videos with voice overs but they will ensure that the work provided has clear explanations.


Government Requirements for Remote Learning


Government Requirements for Remote Learning


How St. Teresa’s will meet the requirements

Set assignments so that pupils have meaningful and ambitious work each day in a number of different subjects

The work set in school will be the same as the work provided for remote learning and activities will be set in all curriculum areas

Work will be uploaded onto the school website

SeeSaw will be used as the digital platform to communicate with teachers and to submit pupil’s work.

Set work that is of equivalent length to the core teaching pupils would receive in school, and as a minimum

3 hours a day – Key Stage 1

4 hours a day – Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 1 pupils will receive tasks which will provide at least 3 hours of learning a day

In Key Stage 2 pupils will receive tasks which provide at least 4 hours of learning a day


Provide frequent, clear explanations of new content, delivered by a teacher or through high-quality curriculum resources or videos

Online video lessons do not necessarily need to be recorded by teaching staff at the school.

A daily introduction to the activities either via voice note, text or video (at the teacher’s discretion)

A clear timetable of activities for each day will be provided.

Clear explanations – teaching videos from White Rose Hub, Oak Academy and teachers will create their own videos.

Powerpoint presentations will have a clear explanation throughout and some may also have voice overs by the teachers

Daily Zoom calls will be an opportunity for pupils to ask questions and for the teachers to question the pupils .

Have systems for checking, at least weekly, whether pupils are engaging with their work, and inform parents immediately where engagement is a concern

Teachers will arrange a daily Zoom call to all pupils working at home to check that they are engaging with work – (these will be year group check ins with a teacher).

Teachers will contact parents immediately if they are concerned about engagement and will offer support.

Gauge how well pupils are progressing through the curriculum using questions and other suitable tasks, and provide feedback, at least weekly, using digitally facilitated or whole-class feedback where appropriate

Teachers will provide feedback on completed pupil tasks uploaded to SeeSaw.

Teachers will assess the pupils via work submitted and via interaction during whole class feedback on Zoom.

Whole class feedback will be given via the daily Zoom calls.

Enable teachers to adjust the pace or difficulty of what is being taught in response to questions or assessments, including, where necessary, revising material or simplifying explanations to ensure pupils’ understanding

Teachers will adjust the work set (where necessary) and will respond to requests for additional explanations etc