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The new primary curriculum was made statutory in September 2014. The focus of the Mathematics curriculum is very much on core knowledge, and the foundations to help children to develop a strong basis on which to build future learning.


So what does this mean for the children?

The new programme of study for maths is set out on a year-by-year basis. 


Greater Challenge

The new programme of study brings with it an increase in the amount of content that needs to be taught and a greater level of challenge and detail, particularly with calculations. Some content has moved ‘down’ by one or two years, meaning children will be expected to master some things earlier than they did previously.  


The new curriculum is more specific about using standard written methods for the four operations, and using these earlier. There is a lot of emphasis on calculating and solving problems with fractions and decimals.  


Our aim is to develop confidence, mastery and fluency in mathematics.

At St. Teresa’s we follow the Lancashire maths planning materials as well as using the resources from the NCETM for developing mastery and fluency.   


Please click on the links below for more information. 

Maths yearly overviews  

Below you will find an overview detailing the mathematics coverage for each year group.